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Anton Valley and Altos de Santa Maria - Tiqy, Moto Tour Mountain and Coast
460.00 (USD)

Enjoy this motorcycle tour through the Inter-American Highway for 2 days and 1 night. You will visit places like Antón Valley, Altos de María and Nitro City. You can enjoy from cool climates with wooded landscapes to sunny climates accompanied by sun, sand and sea. The starting and ending point will be in Panama City.

  • Enjoy the cool climate of the Anton Valley.
  • Admire the view of Panama from Altos del María.
  • Do many extreme activities in Nitro City.


January to December


2 Days / 1 Night


May Vary, please confirm with tour operator


May Vary, please confirm with tour operator


English and Spanish

Detailed Description

Day 1

Departing from Panama City, you will take the Inter-American Highway that crosses all of Central America to the iconic Anton Valley. At this stop, you can enjoy the pleasant weather and its beautiful green surroundings.

Then, you will leave the Valley by a non-traditional road to go to the beautiful area of Altos del María, known as a private complex where and home to some Panamanian celebrities. From here you will head towards Nitro City, which is the hotel of the famous acrobat and X GAMES champion, Travis Pastrana.

You will have time to settle down and rest since this will be the hotel where you will spend the night. During your stay, you can enjoy the beautiful beaches and you can also perform a wide variety of water activities.

Day 2

You will take advantage of this day in the hotel facilities to rest and perform the different activities offered by Nitro City. Then, you will prepare to depart back to Panama City in the afternoon hours, where you will end up at the same starting point.

Ticket Price (USD)
Adults (P/P) - R1200 GS ADV 575.00 (USD)
Adults (P/P) - R1200 GS 575.00 (USD)
Adults (P/P) - F800 GS - 2015 518.00 (USD)
Adults (P/P) - F800 GS - 2012 483.00 (USD)
Adults (P/P) - G650 GS 460.00 (USD)
Moto Tour Mountain and Coast includes:

- GPS.
- Basic Policy.

Moto Tour Mountain and Coast Doesn't Include:

- Gas.
- Personal health insurance.
- Food and drink.
- Additional tourist attractions.
- Basic equipment to handle a motorcycle.
- Personal expenses.
- Tips.

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