Walk to La India Dormida

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1, Walk to La India Dormida

Discover the Legend of India Sleep with this tour and live the experience of walking in this ancient land.

  • Get to know closely the famous legend of La India Dormida.
  • Walk in a territory full of ancestral stories.
  • Live this experience to connect with nature.


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4 hours


Panama City


Panama City


English and Spanish

Detailed Description

This Panamanian legend developed in the Anton Valley, where a beautiful Indian name Piria, daughter of the chief, wife of Sun and protective of the sun and the flame of life.

A warrior named Montevil love with her asks her to be lovers, but she tells him she is the wife of the Sun and your body and soul belonged to that star and if he approached kill himself.

Being in love, the warrior did not eat, or sleep thinking how to approach her young, ocurriéndosele the idea of being Cacique and have the power in the tribe and achieve get Piria.

The girl's father was very old and the tribe chose as its new chief to Montevil. This to win the love of Piria made large donations to the temple. As India continued rejecting him behead command of his father.

One morning as she mourned the death of his father, the Indian Montevil approached him with intensions to rape her. She ran and fell tired disturbed at the edge of a cliff. When he approached he saw as sunlight illuminated the body to make Indian stone, transforming it into a group of mountains. Seeing this, the Indian passed out, he is heard a sound like that water makes when he runs. The sun made him sound of water flowing to continue suffering for love that never managed to get, for having wanted to own one of his wives.

Walk to La India Dormida includes:

- Transfer / City / Valle de Anton / City.
- Trailhead of Indian asleep.
- Guide specialized site with English language proficiency.
- First aid kit.

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