Best Things To Do In France

France is a city that you can visit for a week or a month or a year, and never tire of. There are many things to do like walking up the Eiffel Tower or visiting the Louvre Museum, tasting the great variety of wines in Bordeaux or Provence, trying a macaron or exploring the sites in Lyon or Nice by bike or on foot. Are you looking for things to do in France.

Bike Tours

Bordeaux, Lyon, Nice

In France you can visit by bike its grand boulevards, gardens, cafés, vineyards and much more. With so many places to visit it is a great option to see the cities in general and choose on which landmarks you want to focus your attention.

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City Tours

Bordeaux, Lyon, Nice, Paris

There is so much to do in and see in France that you can choose to be wowed by Paris, the city of love, or you can visit France’s charming countryside and colourful vineyards. Different towns or elegant chateaux’s in every city also wait for you.

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Eiffel Tower Tours


The Eiffel Tower was built to celebrate the World’s Fair in 1889 and today is the most visited paid monument in the world. You can enjoy the amazing views from the second level or have lunch at one of the two restaurants. The last reserved time to go up is at 10:00 PM so going at night and seeing the light show is also an option.

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Food Tours

Bordeaux, Lyon, Nice, Paris, Provence

France is known for its fine cuisine. Each region has its own traditional specialty, you can visit the markets to shop like a local, enjoy tastings of traboules in Lyon, savon in Provence, Pan Bagna in Nice and many more delicacies around this foodie country.

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Sightseeing Tours


Discover the best of France’s countryside and historical treasures as you meander through quaint historic neighbourhoods, enjoy delicious flavours and amazing views.

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Sweet Treats

Nice, Paris

French patisserie makes it difficult when it comes to deciding which to try first. All around France you can taste macarons, crepes, nougat and more, presented with so much love that it will be difficult to try only one.

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Walking Tours

Bordeaux, Lyon, Nice, Paris, Provence

Gain a deeper insight into the French history and culture with any of these tours. You can visit famous landmarks, museums, Old Towns and learn about their history. You can also enjoy the nightlife with a pub crawl.

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Wine Tours

Bordeaux, Lyon, Nice, Paris, Provence

Go through the valleys and vineyards of the French countryside while getting a taste of premium wines. You can learn about the grape varieties of the region, take a wine tasting course and enjoy a meal in one of the many Chateaux’s of France.

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