Best Things To Do In England

The things to do in England range from admire its diverse landscapes, have fun sailing through its famous river Thames and, of course, you can enjoy desserts and sandwiches for the afternoon tea. There is no doubt that you could fall in love with this traditional island of Great Britain, rich in history and medieval cities. Are you looking for things to do in England?

Bike Tours

Brighton, London, Oxford

One of the advantages of knowing a city by bike is that you can know many places and in a maximum of 2 to 3 hours. That is what you can enjoy in England, admire the different contrasts of the city, drive along the River Thames, know the main sites and listen to the stories of the royal family or to the local history.

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Boat Tours

London, Manchester, Oxford

The River Thames will also claim your attention during your visit to England. You can be able to get to know cities from its calm waters, you can travel in boats or cruises and you can admire London, Oxford and Manchester while you know the local history. It will be better to choose between doing it at full speed or traveling at a slow pace.

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City Tours

Brighton, Liverpool, London

There are many city tours in England, which can take you around the country stress-free. You can find options for budget larger groups of coaches to smaller group tours in luxury mini-coaches. The guides may provide an insight into English history and culture or you will use audio guides that will tell you the stories of this country, so it will allow you to walk at your own pace.

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Food and Drink Tours

Bath, Brighton, London, Manchester, York

England has a wide option of dishes from salty to sweet, you can find cheeses, wines, the famous Fish and Chips and clearly, accompany it with wines and beers. The truth is that you can learn the greatest secrets of the culinary culture of this country since some of the typical dishes were created by monks such as Cream Tea and you will surely return home with the habit of enjoying afternoon tea.

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The Beatles Tours


The Beatles were the most innovative, emulated, and successful music group of the twentieth century. They were responsible for revolutionizing the world of rock thanks to their unique outfits and hairstyles. All were born in Liverpool, that's why in this city you can find a wide variety of tours dedicated to narrating their history.

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Walking Tours

Bath, Brighton, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Oxford

Discovering England by foot will allow you to admire the detail in detail its beautiful buildings and enter the warm atmosphere of the people who live in this country. From free guided tours to visits to museums and exhibitions. With each step you can relive every memory of the local history, you will learn about the industrial revolution and a host of fascinating facts of English culture.

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