Best Things To Do In El Salvador

El Salvador is a hidden gem, since it has beautiful wooded and volcanic landscapes. You can find a wide variety of things to do such as hiking to the crater of volcanoes, visit their coffee plantations, boat rides in its beautiful lakes, visit the villages on foot and learn from this country rich in culture and history. Are you looking for things to do in El Salvador?

Boat Tours

San Miguel, San Salvador

Like volcanoes, in El Salvador they also look like the most beautiful lakes in Central America. You can ride the calm waters of Jiquilisco Bay by boat and admire beautiful birds in its mangroves.

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City Tours

San Miguel, San Salvador

El Salvador has other cities with colonial structure, knows how to learn about the culture of each town, its traditions, taste its typical food, walk the streets and admire the main values with entertaining guided walks on foot.

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Mayan Tours

San Salvador

In El Salvador you can find 8 ancient Mayan cities, some of the most visited are Quelepa, Copán and Joya de Cerén. You can explore inside the pyramids, learn about their lifestyle, the traditions they left in El Salvador today and know their stories.

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Trekking Tours

Juayua, San Salvador, Santa Ana

In El Salvador, there are wet and brown forests where you can explore and walk with hiking trails, learn about the process of making coffee, explore the plantations and admire its flora and fauna up close.

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Volcanoes Tours

San Salvador, Santa Ana

In El Salvador there are more than 25 volcanoes, some active and others tourist. You can explore some of the most famous such as the San Salvador, Santa Ana and Izalco volcanoes, visit the Cerro Verde National Park and enjoy the beautiful landscapes of the country.

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