Best Things To Do In Australia

When you arrive to Australia you will find many things to do throughout the country. Whether you want to relax on a boat around Lake Wanaka, bike around Adelaide, visit the famous wineries in Swan Valley or experience the unique wildlife, Australia is the destination to visit. Are you looking for things to do in Australia?

Bike Tours

Adelaide, Fremantle

From fabulous beaches, to magnificent mountains that give you a view of the incredible sceneries, Australia is great for biking. You will find easy and relaxing bike rides in the city, or around the countries wineries and vineyards.

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Boat Tours

Broome, Fraser Island, Fremantle, Tasmania

Sailing the stunning rivers, lakes and canals of Australia’s beautiful landscape will give you a true feeling of Aussie boat lifestyle. You can cruise on a five-star vessel, ride on a speedboat, explore Fraser Island on a jet ski or visit dinosaur tracks.

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City Tours

Adelaide, Broome, Cairns, Fraser Island, Fremantle, Melbourne, Noosa, Perth, Sydney, Tasmania

Australia's cities are all very different, and each with much to offer in terms of things to do and culture. You can visit the touristic areas, the quirky streets, and learn about the history and culture of each city.

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Craft Beer Tours

Broome, Melbourne, Noosa, Perth, Sydney

There is nothing better than tasting craft beer where it has been brewed, whether that’s the brewery tasting room or the brewpub. You will find tours around Australia that take you to meet the brewers and discuss the beers with them while you taste the variety of Australian Craft Beer.

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Hiking Tours

Broome, Perth, Sydney

Australia is popular for nature lovers from all over the world looking to hike world-renown paths. These hiking tours offer unique wildlife, magnificent national parks, exotic beaches, rainforest, epic mountaintop views and quiet guided walks.

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Walking Tours

Adelaide, Broome, Cairns, Fremantle, Noosa, Perth, Sydney

The best way to discover Australia is right beneath your feet. You can cover the most important landmarks of each city and discover the aboriginal heritage and indigenous culture of Australia one step at a time while you discover Australia’s natural beauty.

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Water Activities

Broome, Cairns, Fraser Island, Fremantle, Noosa, Perth

Australia offers a range of water activities in a variety of environments. You can sail the Wanaka River, paddle to see dolphins, feed and swim with sharks, kayak rapids, enjoy magnificent views, or explore the landscapes on a jet ski.

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Wildlife Experiences

Broome, Fraser Island, Melbourne, Noosa, Perth, Tasmania

In Australia you will find many native animals; some are famous such as koalas and kangaroos, while others you may have never heard about. Throughout the country you can float alongside whales, swim with sharks, spy koalas or spot a crocodile.

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Wine Tours

Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth, Tasmania

Your expert guides guarantee an entertaining and educational experience around the countries vineyards and wineries. You can visit the famous Swan Valley to enjoy tastings or go to Bruny Island Premium Wines to learn about the harvest and enjoy the local produce.

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