Best Things To Do In Puerto Rico

Amazing experiences abound in Puerto Rico, from beautiful beaches to natural rain forests. There is also a richness of history and culture to be found nowhere else. You can snorkel, swim or sail in clear waters, hike the rainforests or walk on the cities downtowns. Are you looking for things to do in Puerto Rico?

Adventure Tours

Culebra Island, Fajardo, San Juan

You can zipline over a high forest canopy, rappel down a deep cave, paddle through a glow-in-the-dark bioluminescent bay or hike in a rainforest. There is plenty of adventure waiting for you in Puerto Rico.

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City Tours

Ponce, San Juan

Wander the charming colonial facades, ancient forts and cobblestoned streets of Puerto Rico’s cities. Feel like a local as you get a personalized introduction to the history of the areas, exploring its wealth of forts, plazas, churches, museums, cafes and local wildlife.

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Coffee Tours


Savour a cup of Puerto Rico’s finest coffee and learn how the island’s top beans are grown, processed and roasted. You can visit several small haciendas and learn how Puerto Rico’s different soil types and micro-climate provide the perfect growing conditions for Arabica-style beans.

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Sightseeing Tours

Fajardo, Ponce, San Juan

Discover the hidden gems of Puerto Rico off-the-beaten path. Immerse yourself in the beautiful surroundings of this rainforest paradise and take your time to enjoy the local flora and fauna of the different areas around the cities in Puerto Rico.

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Walking Tours

Ponce, San Juan

These walking tours will bring you back to the 16th Century when Puerto Rico was a Spanish colony. You will visit and learn about the different forts, the iconic neoclassical buildings and interesting traditions that have been practiced for centuries.

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Water Activities

Culebra Island, Fajardo, Ponce, San Juan

There are all kinds of activities, from tourist routes on boats, to diving or snorkelling and surfing and many other things. The underwater activities are also something you can’t miss during your time in Puerto Rico.

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