Best Things To Do In Nicaragua

In Nicaragua you can find a wide variety of things to do as walking tours of the city, water activities, hiking through its amazing volcanoes, canopy tours and incredible adventures through its rainforests. Are you looking for things to do in Nicaragua?

Adventure Tours

Granada, Managua, San Juan del Sur

In Nicaragua you will find some of the densest forests and nature reserves, you can do hiking activities where you can admire its flora and fauna, you can do canopy tours 2.5 km away and swim in incredible waterfalls.

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Chocolate Tours


Nicaragua has become one of the largest exporters of cocoa in Central America, that is why you can find tours to cocoa farms to learn about the cultivation of this plant, the production of chocolate and you can make workshops where you will learn to create your own samples of chocolate.

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City Tours

Granada, León, Managua

The beautiful streets of Nicaragua will impress you with its still intact colonial structure, learn its history, visit the main places and major attractions, get to know the different craft centers, taste its local food and immerse yourself in its culture and traditions.

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Volcanoes Tours

León, Managua

In Nicaragua, you will find around 12 volcanoes in all its surface, some still active. Dare to explore the foothills of the Cerro Negro volcano and the Mombacho volcano, visit a coffee plantation on the shores of volcanic lands and admire the beautiful landscapes from the top of the crater.

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Water Activities

San Juan del Sur

Near the Coasts of Nicaragua, you will find a lot of activities to do such as surf lessons or amazing boat rides to reach Playa Blanca. Admire the marine biodiversity and dominate the waves in the style of the Nicaraguans.

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