Best Things To Do In Canada

In Canada, from coast to coast, each city offers unique wonders and a great variety of things to do. You can walk, travel on bike, Segway or bus around the cities. If you want to see the glaciers you can take one of the dog sledding tours listed below. Or, if you are a foodie, you can sip and taste around Canada’s restaurants and breweries. Are you looking for things to do in Canada?

City Tours

Montreal, Toronto

Whether you are in Canada for a couple hours or a few days, every city has the perfect tour for you. Choose from this list and visit the best in Alberta, Toronto, Montreal and other major cities of Canada on foot, bike or Segway.

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Dog Sledding Tours


Choose one of these tours and enjoy a dog sledding trip in some of Canada’s most amazing wilderness areas. You can see the Rocky Mountains, go to Banff National Park or travel along the base of Lake Louise.

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Food and Drink Tours

Alberta, British Columbia, Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver

Eat, drink and explore in the cities of Canada. You can go to breweries, distilleries, wineries and famous neighbourhoods like Little Italy and Chinatown to enjoy samples and tastings.

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Hiking Tours

Alberta, Vancouver

On any of these hiking tours you will share memories with travellers from around the world who also appreciate the benefits of exploring Canada’s forests by foot. Depending on your chosen destination and style of hiking tour you can visit the Cleveland Park, Lynn Canyon or Quarry Rock.

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Sightseeing Tours

Alberta, Toronto, Vancouver

With 3.85 million square miles, Canada has countless places to see. You will find tours that take you to the famous Niagara Falls, or on a helicopter over Toronto. You can also visit the National Parks, forests, mountains and the glaciers.

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Tours on Wheels

Alberta, Montreal, Toronto

While you go on your bike, Segway or scooter around Canada’s cities in these tours, you can learn about the history and culture of each. Some tours visit local pubs, others take you to admire the architecture or to wine tastings around the vineyards.

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Walking Tours

Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver

Walking is one of the gentlest exercises, yet so richly rewarding. You will get an immersive feeling in each city you visit by foot. You can visit the metropolis, parks and landmarks of the major cities of Canada.

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