Best Things To Do In Belize

This beautiful Central American nation with a distinctive colonial architecture has something for everyone. You should definitely take one of the Mayan Tours that take you to the archaeological sites or you can also learn about the chocolate making process. There are also activities like tubing, horseback riding, canoeing, tubing and much more. Are you looking for things to do in Belize?

Chocolate Tours


If you are in Belize and you love chocolate, don’t miss out on these tours! There are a variety of hands-on experiences in the beautiful towns of Belize. You can sample the Maya style chocolate and learn about cacao from the tree to the bar.

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City Tours

Belize City, Toledo

Belize brings you in touch with Britain’s colonial past in Central America. In these guided tours you can visit beautiful colonial buildings and learn about the everyday life in every city. You can walk or pedal your way around the cities you visit.

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Mayan Tours

Belize City, Cayo, Orange Walk, Toledo

The heartland of the Maya world lies in what is now Belize, and you can visit more than 2 sites, that have been hidden back in the jungle, in one day. You will find here many options to visit these sites from different places in Belize.

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Water Activities


In Belize you can ride an inner tube through the waterways, do canoeing in a cave, tubing through the mystical cave of Xibalba or sailing to relax en enjoy the panoramic views.

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Wildlife Experiences

Belize City

Belize’s animal and plant life are the stars of the country, thanks to the conservation of its forests and reefs. You can choose between getting a close interaction with marine animals like manatees or visiting the zoo.

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