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What to Pack for Your Tour to San Blas?

Are you going on a San Blas tour for the first time? Have you heard a lot of interesting things about it, but you are not sure how to really prepare for it? Don’t worry, I made a list of thi...

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5 Reasons to Visit San Blas in Panama

Once I came to Panama, going to San Blas was on my priority list since I have heard so many great things about it. I was really impressed by its beautiful nature and all it has to offer. If ...

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Where Is San Blas? What is San Blas?

Have you heard people talking about San Blas and wondering what is San Blas or where is San Blas. Working in tourism and having gone to San Blas many times, very quickly I will tell you what...

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Best destinations in Europe

Discover which are the best places to meet during the winter if you are thinking of spending your vacation in Europe. Meet activities and tours that you can do to enjoy an unforgettable snow...

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