How to Get to Playa Blanca from Panama City?

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Are you planning to go to Playa Blanca in Panama? And you do not know how to get there? Whether you are going from your residence, hotel, or airport here is the information that you need.

Sunset at Playa Blanca Panama

Playa Blanca in Panama is known for being a region where you can find the best all-inclusive hotels in the entire republic. These are excellent options if you want to immerse yourself in the waters of the Pacific Ocean after a long flight. Enjoy a full service where your only concern will be when you check out, as you will not want to leave. Below, I will explain all the ways to get to this wonderful place. If you are in Panama City and do not have the time to go to Playa Blanca, there are many other beach options near Panama City to go instead.

By Bus to Playa Blanca from Albrook Transport Terminal

National Bus on The Panama Highway
National Bus on The Panama Highway

To start, you have to go to the Panama Transport Terminal in Albrook and take a bus with Route Panama - Rio Hato. To get to the Albrook Transport Terminal from your hotel, you can take the subway or bus from your nearest stop. Also, you can take a taxi or Uber to take you directly to the terminal. If you are at the airport, you can take a taxi or Uber as well. Once you get to the Panama Transport Terminal, you will need to go to the counter of the bus route Panama - Rio Hato. Once you are at the counter, they will tell you which bus is going to leave the soonest. Generally, the buses leave very often, and they will tell you to take on the bus immediately, but if you have to wait a bit, you can do it in the waiting room of the terminal.

On the bus, you can tell the driver or the person in charge of collecting the money that you are going to stay in Playa Blanca so that he can warn you at which stop you must get off. Do not worry, you will not be the only one to get off at the Playa Blanca stop, as this is the most popular option due to its low cost. This bus will not drop you off at the hotel you are heading to but will drop you off at the Ocean Mall Plaza where there is a supermarket. There will be taxis available to take you to your destination hotel. The only thing you would have to do is to tell the driver which hotel you are heading to.

On the way back it is the same process, you take a taxi at the entrance of your hotel and ask the driver to take you to the Ocean Mall Plaza, where you were first picked up. Then, when you get to the plaza, you must take any bus that is heading to Panama City. The route is usually written on the windshield of the bus.

How much does it cost?  The cost taxi or Uber from the hotels in Panama City to the Albrook Transport Terminal is around 5 USD and the cost from the airport is between 20 USD to 25 USD per trip. Once you are at the Panama Transport Terminal you must pay to the person in charge of the bus route Panama - Rio Hato, 3 USD one way. When you have arrived at the Ocean Mall Plaza, the cost of the taxi that will take you to your hotel is around 2 to 3 USD one way. 

By Car to Playa Blanca from Panama City

Car Road Trip
Grey Car Parked at the Woods

This method is one of the most used by locals. To get to Playa Blanca you must leave Panama City by the Bridge of the Americas or the Centennial Bridge and drive on the Pan-American Highway for around 110 km (1 hour and 46 minutes approximately). You will know when you arrived when you see the sign of the entrance to Playa Blanca on the left. Once you arrive at the entrance to Playa Blanca, the time of arrival at your hotel will depend on how far your hotel is. You can use the available route apps like Google Maps and Waze for additional help.

If you rent a car at the airport is basically the same process, the only thing is that for you to get to the Bridge of the Americas or the Centennial Bridge to get out of the city, you must first take the Southern Corridor all the way to the Cinta Costera and then you will need to follow the signs that will take you to the bridges.

How much does it cost? This depends on how much fuel your vehicle consumes. Based on my experience, 20 USD fuel is enough for a round trip in a sedan.

By Private Transport to Playa Blanca from Panama City or the Airport

Private Transport from Panama City
Private Transport from Panama City

This option is the most popular among travelers, as it is the safest and the most reliable option when having to go to an unknown place on your own. Booking one of the private transfers to Playa Blanca is very easy. You pay the total price on the website, you will have to provide us the place where you want to be picked up and that’s it, you will not have to worry about anything else. Transfers to Playa Blanca from the Tocumen Airport are also available. You will find different options with different destinations depending on the hotel in Playa Blanca you are heading to. You will be dropped off at the lobby of your hotel. For your return to Panama City, you can also book this service.

How much does it cost? This is a private transfer and the cost will depend on the number of people that are traveling with you. In other words, the more people travel with you, the cheaper the transfer will be. For example: if you are 2 people, it costs 56 USD per person one-way or if you are 3 people, the cost will be 39 USD per person one-way. The way back ticket has the same cost. 

By Light Plane or Helicopter to Playa Blanca from Albrook International Airport

Light Plane and Helicopter Ride Panama
Light Plane and a Helicopter Ride

This is the most premium option since it is only operated on private flights of at least 4 people by light plane and 3 people by helicopter. Here you can book your private flight to Rio Hato. On the day of the trip, you should go to the Marcos A. Gelabert Airport in Albrook in Panama City and take your flight that will take you to Rio Hato. Once you arrive at Rio Hato, there are taxis at the airport available to take you directly to your destination hotel. If you visit us from Canada, you can come on one of the Charter flights that leave Montreal and Toronto on AirTransat and Sunwing Airlines (this airline offers packages that include flight and accommodation), since these are the only international airlines that make flights to the Rio Hato Airport. They only do one flight per week.

How much does it cost? This one-way private flights from Panama City costs around 1,005 USD for 4 people by plane (251.25 USD per person) and 1,605 USD for 3 people by helicopter (535 USD per person). Packages from Toronto are around 1,400 USD per person, this includes round trip flight and hotel accommodation in Playa Blanca for 7 days all-inclusive.

Which is the most recommended?

So, we now know the ways to get to Playa Blanca from Panama City. The method that you will choose to travel to Playa Blanca from Panama City, will depend on your preferences and budget. If you have your own car or you rent it in Panama City, the best option is to use it and enjoy the freedom of being able to come and go at the hour that you want. If you are a tourist in Panama City and want to get there by the most reliable option I recommend you book one of the private transfers in Panama available at, because you will be brought from your door in Panama City or Airport to your hotel in Playa Blanca. Last but not least, if you are looking for the most economical option, I recommend you to the bus, but be prepared for a bit of additional work.


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