Embera Tours in Panama: Frequently Asked Questions

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If you are thinking about reserving or you have already reserved a tour to Embera in Panama, you might have some questions. At Tiqy.com we have made a list of the most frequently asked questions so that you can get the answers you need.

Embera Tours in Panama: Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a tour to Embera cost?

There are a variety of prices for tours to Embera. There are options for half day tours from 80 USD, full day tours to Embera from 120 USD and overnight tours to Embera from 145 USD.

How long does a tour to Embera Last?

The half day tours to Embera have a duration of about 3 hours. Full day tours take about 8 hours, and the overnight tours depend on the number of days that you choose.

How much time in advance should I reserve my tour to Embera?

It is recommended to reserve at least 1 week before hand, but it can be possible to reserve up to a few days beforehand if there is still availability.

Are there tours to Embera all year round?

Yes, there are tours to Embera from Panama City every day, all year.

If I pay a deposit for my tour on Tiqy.com with a credit card, can I pay the balance of the tour to the operator with credit card too?

The tour operators in Embera do not accept credit card unfortunately, so you must bring cash with you to pay the balance of the tour.

Do the tours on Tiqy.com to Embera offer pickup in Playa Bonita?

Some of the operators can offer pickup in Playa Bonita, but with an additional cost normally around 20 USD per group. For this service it is recommended to contact Tiqy before booking your tour to confirm the price.

Is it possible to pay the full cost of the tour online on Tiqy.com?

With the tours to Embera it is unfortunately not possible to pay the full amount online. This is because the operators need the cash on the day of the tour to pay for park entrances and the other extras that are included in the tour price. For this reason, only the deposit can be paid online.

Can you give me the name of my pickup driver?

The drivers that will collect you from your hotel in Panama City to bring you to Embera are decided late at night the night before the tour, so unfortunately we cannot provide you with this information. Your driver will have your name and will call for you in your hotel at your pickup time. If there is any problem, they will be in contact with you or your hotel by phone.

What does a full day to Embera include?

The tours to Embera are run by different operators but generally follow a similar itinerary. A full day generally includes pickup in your hotel or residence in Panama City, transfer en a traditional canoe, lifejackets, lunch with a non-alcoholic drink, time in the Embera Community, a cultural dance, and a trip to a local waterfall. If you buy the tour that starts at the Gamboa Pier, then it includes the same except for the pickup at your hotel.

Is it possible to pay using credit card for additional items during the tour?

No, in Embera, there are no credit card facilities and no ATMs, so you must bring cash for any purchases, such as drinks or souvenirs.

In which type of vehicle is the transfer to the Pier to go to Embera?

The vehicle depends on the group size, and can be a sedan, or a 4x4, up to a bus with 20 seats.

Are there additional costs to the price of the tour?

No, the tours on Tiqy.com include park and all entrance fees, so there are no hidden costs. But please review the section of what is and is not included before reserving your tour.

Are there discounts for retired or disabled people?

Unfortunately, the operators of the tours at this moment, do not have any such discounts available.

What happens if it rains? Does the tour get cancelled?

The tour does not get cancelled for rain. It would only be in very extreme conditions that the tour would not proceed. The tour nearly always proceeds all year round.

Can you add additional people to my group after I reserve?

Yes, this is not a problem. You just need to contact us before making the additional booking, and then we will be able to put the two groups together. This will of course depend on availability of the tour.

How long does the transfer from Panama City to the Gamboa Pier usually take?

The transfer normally takes about 30 minutes but can depend on traffic coming in or going out of Panama City.

Do the guides speak English?

This depends on the Operator, but most operators to Embera do have guides that speak at least a basic level of English. You can see on the page for each tour on Tiqy.com the languages that are spoken by that operator.

Is it possible to change the return time to the port?

This is something you can discuss with your guide on the day, but normally it is not possible as the tours to Embera are shared tours with other groups, and the itineraries are predefined. But if your group is the only group then your guide should be able to accommodate you no problem.

Do children pay full price for the tour?

This depends on the tour that you are reserving. Some operators offer free tickets to children under 12 years old, but others that charge the full price.

Is it possible to do the tour if I have physical difficulties?

People have done this tour with paralysis on one side of their body. The guides are very friendly and can help in all situations. There are certain parts, like the walk to the waterfall where maybe you would not be able to do it. But the rest of the tour could be possible, but feel free to contact us if you wish to confirm your exact situation before booking.


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