Tasman Island Cruises

Operated by: Pennicott Wilderness Journeys
Cape Pillar, Tasman Island Cruises
Pirates Bya, Tasman Island Cruises
seals, Tasman Island Cruises
Tasman Arch, Tasman Island Cruises
Tasman arch, Tasman Island Cruises
Cape Pillar, Tasman Island Cruises
Pirates Bya, Tasman Island Cruises
seals, Tasman Island Cruises
Tasman Arch, Tasman Island Cruises
Tasman arch, Tasman Island Cruises
225.00 (AUD)

Tasman Island Cruises departs daily from the Tasman Island Cruises Booking Centre and is a 10 hour boat viewing of the coastline between Port Arthur and Eaglehawk Neck in Southern Tasmania. You will see lots of whales, dolphins, thousands of birds and the highest seacliff in the southern hemisphere, Cape Pillar. At the end of the tour you will have lunch and city sightseeing before going back to Hobart where we will take you to your CBD hotel.

  • Travel beneath the highest sea cliff in the Southern Hemisphere.
  • See albatross, seals and whales.
  • Explore waterfalls, rock formations and archways.


Monday to Sunday (Except Christmas Day)


10 hours


Your Hobart CBD Hotel


Your Hobart CBD Hotel



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Detailed Description

This 10 hour cruise departs daily from the Tasman Island Cruises Booking Centre and takes you to the best parts of the spectacular coastline between Port Arthur and Eagle hawk Neck to explore waterfalls, archways and deep sea caves.

You will depart from the Pennicott Wilderness Journeys Centre and arrive by bus at the Tasman Peninsula to have a morning tea. On Tasman Island Cruise full day tour, you will leave from Eaglehawk Neck and on the way, you will see lots of whales, seals and thousands of birds.

One of the most important stops is beneath Cape Pillar, the highest Seacliff in the southern hemisphere of over 300 meters. Throughout the year you can see albatross, eagles wheeling on the wind, or dolphins surfing near the boat which is ideal for viewing the spectacular coastline and wildlife of the Tasman Peninsula. They hold up to 34 guests and are fuel efficient with a low emission operation.

At the end of this full day tour you will have a lunch on a local restaurant of the Tasman Peninsula and city sightseeing, then the bus departs to Hobart where you will be taken to your Hobart CBD hotel.

Ticket Price (AUD)
Adults (P/P) 225.00 (AUD)
Children (3-16 years old) 165.00 (AUD)

7:30 AM

Check in at Pennicott Wilderness Journeys Centre

7:45 AM

Bus departs

9:15 AM

Arrive on Tasman Peninsula, Morning Tea

10:00 AM

3 Hour Wilderness Cruise

1:00 PM

Cruise concludes

1:15 PM

Lunch, followed by local sightseeing

4:30 PM

Bus departs

6:00 PM

Arrive Hobart, hotel drop-off

Tasman Island Cruises includes:

- Morning tea
- Lunch at a local restaurant of the Tasman Peninsula.

- Warm jackets
- Scarf
- Beenies
- Gloves
- Camera.

You are on holiday and we want your travel plans to be flexible. However our tours are often fully booked and we take waiting lists for guests interested in coming along. Therefore if you are running late or you decide not to join a tour, all we ask is that you please contact us by calling (03) 6234 4270 to cancel your booking. This gives us an opportunity to re-sell your seats to other guests.

We reserve the right to charge the following fees for cancellations:

Cancellation within 24 hours of a tour - 100% fee

Cancellation within 48 hours of a tour - 50% fee

Cancellations beyond 48 hours of tour - No fee

  1. Is the weather a problem?

    Our boats are designed to suit the coastline along which we travel and we will certainly make the most of any weather conditions. Our bookings are fully flexible so if you decide the weather on the day is not for you, you can give us a call and we can change your reservation to a different day. Our staff are upfront and honest about the weather and you are welcome to contact us a day or two ahead to get an honest indication of the forecasted weather. Of course, in Tasmania the weather can at times be a little surprising and so a forecast is exactly that, a forecast!

  2. What about sea sickness?

    Being in open ocean, sea sickness can be an issue for a small number of people. We have had 13 years experience in dealing with this and have developed some very effective techniques to minimise the chance of sea sickness occurring.

    We offer all-natural Travel Calm Ginger tablets to everyone when they step onboard. This product has proven extremely effective in preventing sea sickness in most people. Our staff can also suggest a number of things to further assist in minimising the chances of any sea sickness symptoms:

    Selecting a seat in the back third of the boat (there is a lot less movement up the back of the boat)
    Keeping your body temperature on the cooler side
    If you wear glasses or sunglasses keep the lenses clean at all times
    Avoid looking through cameras, binoculars etc
    Stay away from acidic foods before the cruise such as Orange Juice and coffee
    We do emphasise that communication is the key - if you have any concerns please let our staff know.

  3. Are young children allowed?

    Children of all ages are welcome aboard our boats and we take many children along on our cruises. As parents you are probably the best judge as to how your children will cope with being out on the water for 3 hours, but we have found that the majority of children enjoy the experience and love seeing the amazing wildlife, huge cliffs and caves along the Bruny coastline.

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