Snorkeling Tour in Punta Uva

Operated by: Punta Uva Dive Center
1, Snorkeling Tour in Punta Uva
55.00 (USD)

Join us for an unforgettable snorkeling adventure.

  • Learn tricks you should know to enjoy this activity safely
  • See the living coral reef and the fish who inhabit it
  • Highly qualified staff to make you secure


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3 hours


Punta Uva Beach


Punta Uva Beach

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Detailed Description

Many think a snorkeling experience is just grabbing a mask, snorkel, fins and swimming out to the ocean. While much of this is true, it’s not everything if you want to have a safe & enjoyable adventure. Knowing the basis of the snorkeling gear and some tricks on how to use it, will earn you time and energy.

Our program starts with a briefing on the snorkeling gear & tricks on how to get the best experience out of it. We also give you safety instruction on how to avoid fatigue situations, heat strokes and how to take care of the coral reef that takes so many years to grow. You will be familiarized with the underwater environment you are about to explore: the living coral reef and the fish who inhabit it.

Being able to spot a specific coral or fish and knowing a bit about it –life span, unique characteristics, etc- can change your whole snorkeling experience. Being supervised by our highly trained PADI Divemasters or Scuba Diving Instructors who know the place like no one else gives you the security of going safely out to sea.

Ticket Price (USD)
General P/P 55.00 (USD)
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