Oriental Berlin

Operated by: Vive Berlin
Oriental Berlin - Tiqy, Oriental Berlin
14.00 (EUR)

In this walking tour you will learn in 3 hours and a half more about the towns that were separated by the immense Berlin Wall, you will learn about the Stasi and all the history that makes this beautiful one of the most interesting. The starting point will be at Balzac Coffee and the final point may vary according to the last stop of the tour.

  • Learn the history of Berlin by walk.
  • Admire the Berlin Wall.
  • A friendly, locally-based, & knowledgeable tour guide.


Monday and Saturday


3.5 hours


Balzac Coffee


Balzac Coffee



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Detailed Description

The tour will start from the entrance of Café Balzac at 4:00 PM, where you will meet your local guide, you can identify him by the Vive Berlin logo. In this tour you will be able to understand about the history of the division and unification of Berlin.

You will walk along the historic Berlin Wall, listen to the story told by the local guide and you will understand a little more about architecture, the history of communism and the transition. You will also hear stories about the traces left in this beautiful city.

In front of an original fragment of the wall in the Bernauer Str. Or Alexanderplatz, you can relive the history of the end of this. The final point may vary, it will depend on the last stop of this route.

Ticket Price (EUR)
Adults (P/P) 14.00 (EUR)
Students (with ID) 12.00 (EUR)
Children (less than 13 years old) 0.00 (EUR)

- You will need an AB ticket transport for the day.

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