Isla Tortuga Full Day Tour

Operated by: Calypso Cruises
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image calypso, Isla Tortuga Full Day Tour
sea, Isla Tortuga Full Day Tour
underwater, Isla Tortuga Full Day Tour
couple, Isla Tortuga Full Day Tour
family?, Isla Tortuga Full Day Tour
145.00 (USD)

This full day tour starts when you are picked up at your hotel or a meeting point you have arranged with the operator. Then you will arrive to board a catamaran that will take you to Turtle Island, where you can do activities such as Snorkeling and Banana Boat. At the end of this tour the captain will take you across the islands to show you the vast Costa Rican biodiversity. Afterwards, you will be taken back to the collection site.

  • Practice Snorkeling and observe the corals.
  • Spend a few hours on the beach.
  • Admire the natural beauty of the island.


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Detailed Description

This full day tour offers a catamaran ride to Tortuga Island, where you will sail from the operator's private port. Continuing with the program you will enjoy a beach surrounded by crystal clear water and there you can admire the coral reefs.

Then, you can snorkel and Banana Boat around the island and make room for the delicious gourmet lunch that will be served. At the end of this day on Turtle Island the captain will give you some sightings of the islands of the Gulf of Nicoya, in this part you will learn about the local history and the natural wealth of Costa Rica.

The beginning and end of this tour will be at your hotel or pick-up point that you have previously agreed with the operator.

Ticket Price (USD)
Adult (P/P) 145.00 (USD)
Children 4 to 12 years old (P/P) 90.00 (USD)
Isla Tortuga Full Day Tour includes:

- Comfortable transportation in luxury bus with A / C.
- Bilingual guides certified by ICT.
- Professional crew trained by Calypso Cruises.
- Typical Costa Rican breakfast, served in our restaurant.
- Boarding on our private dock where we set sail.
- 90 min trip to Tortuga Island, sailing through the Pacific Ocean.
- Unlimited natural soft drinks and soft drinks.
- Tropical fruits.
- We serve tropical cocktails and beers. (Additional cost)
- A reserved area on Tortuga Island.
- Snorkeling tour.
- Banana boat tour.
- 4-course gourmet lunch offers an elegant experience.
- Typical live music, marimba trio.
- 5 hours on Turtle Island.
- Exclusive private bathrooms for our clients.
- Beach chairs.
- Comfortable hammocks.
- We have all insurance, permits and maritime safety standards.
- Photos courtesy of Calypso Cruises during the tour.

- Casual clothes.
- Swimwear or shorts.
- Bronzer and / or sunscreen.
- Camera and sunglasses.
- Hat or caps
- Rubber sandals.
- Tennis or marine shoes.
- Extra money for optional activities.
- The use of shoes with leather sole and heel is forbidden.
- Do not forget to bring your towels.

If your reservation is less than 10 people, you can cancel 48 hours before without penalty. You will receive a 100% refund. For a reservation of 10 or more people you must cancel 15 days in advance. Otherwise, reservation will have a penalty, unless you show us medical documentation.

  1. What kind of insurance do they have?

    We have 3 different types of insurance for Calypso Cruises passengers. The buses have theirs, the catamaran also and once we get to the island, there is an insurance that also covers all passengers.

  2. What happens if it rains?

    If we have a very heavy rain, considered a storm, we will cancel the trip. In this case we can return your money or reschedule the tour. Most of the time the rain falls in the Gulf of Nicoya at the end of the afternoon.

  3. How long is the stay on the island?

    We guarantee 5 hours on the beach.

  4. Can we see monkeys, dolphins, whales or some other animal?

    Depending on the time we can see dolphins, whales, turtles and a variety of birds.

  5. How fast does the Catamaran travel?

    The Manta Raya usually travels around 14 miles per hour.

  6. How long is the catamaran to reach the island?

    Approximately 1 hour and a half.

  7. How long is the tour?

    This will depend on your pick-up location. If it is from Jacó it can last 9 hours. From San José 11 hours.

  8. How many people will be more in the tour?

    The Catamaran has a maximum capacity of 100 people. However, they will not travel more than 85 for reasons of comfort.

  9. What can we do on the island?

    We now include two activities (free) - Snorkeling Tour and Banana Boat Ride. We serve a delicious lunch. They can also swim and relax on the beach of Isla Tortuga.

  10. I can take a shower?

    The Island tries to keep as virgin as possible. Therefore, there is no sewer system. However, the Manta Raya has fresh water for you to cool off.

  11. I have small children. Can they do the snorkel and the banana boat?

    All children under 8 years old cannot do water activities.
    Also, people who do not know how to swim cannot do water activities.

  12. Is there live music or entertainment?

    Yes. We have a variety of music on the catamaran. On the beach during lunch there is live marimba music.

  13. Are there bathrooms in the Catamaran?

    Yes. The Catamaran has 2 bathrooms.

  14. Where can I change my clothes?

    You can do it in the Catamaran or in our restaurant.

  15. What time is breakfast served in Puntarenas?

    It is usually served at 8:30 AM

  16. Are there toilets on the buses?

    Usually yes. Although it depends on the size of the group.

  17. Is there food on the bus?

    The food will be given once we arrive at the Shrimp Shack. A typical Costa Rican full and hot breakfast.

  18. Can I bring my liquor?

    No. On the Island and the Catamaran there is a bar at your disposal.

  19. Do you stop at any other Island?

    On the way back, we make a tour of the main Gulf Islands. You will have the opportunity to know about 7 Islands, including San Lucas, (our Alcatraz), however, we will not stop.

  20. How long should I make a reservation before?

    You can book 1 year in advance if you wish and if we have space. We recommend you at least do it 1 week before for payment and secure your space.

  21. Can I pay with Master Card?

    Yes, we accept any type or brand of credit card.

  22. Can I pay when I arrive at the pier?

    The reservation needs to be paid 48 hours before your tour.

  23. Do you offer discounts?

    Yes. We can give some variation in the rate depending on the number of people in your group.

  24. What should I bring?

    Comfortable clothes, swimsuit, shorts, sandals or flip flops, sunscreen and sunscreen, camera, dark glasses, cap or hat and towel. Also, it is important that you bring some money if you want to buy a drink with alcohol or a souvenir.

  25. Is it easy to get dizzy on the catamaran?

    The Manta Raya is a catamaran designed to travel on any type of sea. The Gulf of Nicoya is also known for having an extremely calm sea. It is unusual for someone to feel dizzy or sick.

  26. Will I have time to do some shopping?

    Only during the stay on the Island and in the Shrimp Shack restaurant.

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