Folkloric Dance Lessons

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Learn how to dance - tiqy, Folkloric Dance Lessons
36.00 (USD)

Learn the best of Panamanian dance and music with 2-hour dance lessons. Starting at Hostal Casita de los Kimmell, you will find the dance instructor. Next, you will hear a brief explanation of the folk dances and the music that accompanies it. You will learn steps like the zapateo, dances like punto and atravesao santeño. Classes will end at Hostal Casita de los Kimmell.

  • Learn steps of Panamanian Folklore dances.
  • Learn about traditional instruments and music.
  • Dress in typical Panama clothes.


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2 hours


Casita de los Kimmell Hostel


Casita de los Kimmell Hostel


English and Spanish

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Detailed Description

The meeting point will be at the Hostal Casita de los Kimmell, you will meet with your local guide and other experience partners and then, you will learn the dance steps of some of the most popular dances of Panama during these dance classes. hours.

You can learn about the music that accompanies the dances and the movements used. Then you will go on to practice some dances such as the cross of the santeño, the point, cumbia and zapateo. You will also know some musical rhythms that were inherited from countries such as Spain, Africa and indigenous tribes. The tour will end at the same starting point at Hostal Casita de los Kimmell.

Ticket Price (USD)
General (P/P) 36.00 (USD)
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