4-Hour Mangrove Kayaking Tour

Operated by: Dante's Watersports
mangrove, 4-Hour Mangrove Kayaking Tour
69.00 (USD)

This is a kayak tour through a mangrove that lasts 4 hours. You will be picked up at your hotel in Quepos and driven by bus to the Paquita River, where you can see various types of animals that inhabit the river branches. After finishing the tour, you will enjoy a delicious meal and then be taken back to your hotel on the bus.

  • Kayak througth a mangrove.
  • Admire panoramic views.
  • Observe the animals that live in the area.


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4 Hours


Your Hotel in Quepos


Your Hotel in Quepos


English and Spanish

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Detailed Description

This is a 4-hour tour that starts at your hotel in Quepos, from there you will be picked up in a bus and taken to the banks of the Paquita river. Here the guide will begin to give you information about the ecosystem where you are and to explain how to use the kayak you will ride to start the journey through the Mangrove.

Once you are on your way, you will start to see different species of animals such as snakes, anteaters, white-faced monkeys and a variety of heron species, kingfishers, ospreys, frigate birds and other migratory birds. You can arrange when you want your food either as lunch or as dinner, after this you will return to your hotel in the operator's private bus.

* This tour has a capacity of 2 to 25 people.
* The minimum age for a child to go alone in a kayak is 8 years.

Ticket Price (USD)
General (P/P) 69.00 (USD)
4-Hour Mangrove Kayaking Tour includes:

- Transportation from/to the hotel.
- Life jackets.
- Bilingual Instructor (English and Spanish).
- Refreshments (water, coconut water, and fresh fruit).

- Sunscreen.
- Hat.
- Sunglasses.
- Towel.
- Appropriate swimwear.
- Waterproof camera.
- Change of clothes.
- Bug repellent.

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