Carara National Park Tour

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1, Carara National Park Tour
110.00 (USD)

In this 6-hour naturalist adventure, you will take a tour of the Carara National Park where 48% of Costa Rican birds live. You can walk along trails, learn about the flora and fauna. Then, you can visit the bridge over the Tárcoles River and admire huge crocodiles and before ending you will enjoy a delicious local lunch. The tour will end at the same starting point.

  • Meet the home of 48% of Costa Rican birds.
  • Learn about different plants and birds that you will see on the trail.
  • Visit the bridge over the Tárcoles river and admire huge crocodiles.


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6 hours


Your Hotel in San José


Your Hotel in San José


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Detailed Description

The tour begins at 7:30 AM from your hotel in San Jose. From there, you will depart in incredible Carara National Park, which is home to 48% of the birds that inhabit Costa Rica.

When you arrive at the place, you will begin to walk the paths of the park, each one of approximately 3 km. Together with the guide, you will be able to recognize natural species and admire the beautiful Scarlet Macaws. You will take a short break of 20 minutes before continuing with the tour.

Then the next stop will be on the bridge that hangs over the Tárcoles River where you can admire huge crocodiles. You can take incredible photographs and hear the story of why the crocodiles chose the Tárcoles River as their home.

Then, you will return to the ranch where you will enjoy a delicious traditional Costa Rican lunch and rest before finishing the tour. The time to return to San José has arrived and the end of this experience has ended, you will return to the same starting point where the tour will end.

Ticket Price (USD)
From 4 people or more (P/P) 110.00 (USD)
Carara National Park Tour includes:

- Pick up and return to your hotel.
- Professional guide.
- Tour of the trails.
- Lunch.

- Sunscreen.
- Camera.
- Sunglasses.
- Hat
- Visor.
- Insect repellent.
- Mountain boots.

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