Gandoca - Manzanillo Wildlife Refuge Hiking Tour

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1, Gandoca - Manzanillo Wildlife Refuge Hiking Tour
40.00 (USD)

In this 8-hour tour you will learn about the lifestyle of the fishermen that live in Manzanillo, you will visit a primary and secondary forest while you learn about the fauna and flora of the region. The starting and ending point will be in Puerto Viejo.

  • You can have a real contact with nature.
  • Observe and enjoy all the animal species in Costa Rica.
  • Take a deep swim in Punta Mona beach.


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8 hours


Puerto Viejo


Puerto Viejo


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Detailed Description

Departing from Puerto Viejo to Manzanillo you will reach the last fishing village towards Panama. You will make a walk through beautiful bays with sandy beaches, primary and secondary forest.

You will learn more about the flora and fauna of the jungle of snakes, monkeys, birds, tropics, poison dart frogs and more. You will find beautiful plants such as orchids, giant trees, huge lianas and medicinal plants.

On the beaches, you can tan, relax and swim in the beautiful crystal clear waters of the hidden bay of Punto Mona. In the end, you will go back to the bus that will take you back to Puerto Viejo, right at the same starting point.

Ticket Price (USD)
General (P/P) 40.00 (USD)
Gandoca - Manzanillo Wildlife Refuge Hiking Tour includes:

- Professional guide.

- 2 people are required to start the tour.
- Larger groups benefit from lower prices.

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