Half Day Canopy Tour

Operated by: Cabinas Monte Sol
1, Half Day Canopy Tour
50.00 (USD)

You can fly over the treetops of the Costa Rican forest with this half day Canopy tour. You will leave from Cabinas Monte Sol and arrive at the farm where you can launch from more than 20 aerial and land platforms, you can take a guided walk through the heart of the forest to appreciate its flora and fauna and enjoy a rest on the highest platform. The end point will be at the same starting point.

  • Zip Line cable of 285 meters at 80 meters altitude.
  • Visit the deepest part of the forest.
  • Take a break in the highest platform.


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Half Day


Puerto Viejo, Limón


Puerto Viejo, Limón


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Detailed Description

You will depart from Cabinas Monte Sol at 8:00 AM to the farm where you will do the Canopy. On the way, the guide will give some brief explanations of the activity and you will be able to admire the beautifully wooded landscapes of Costa Rica.

Once you arrive at the place, they will give you your protective equipment and they will explain the distances of the canopy that you will carry out. There are a total of 9 aerial platforms and 14 ground platforms with more than 2560 meters of cable.

The first two cables will take you directly to the heart of the forest, where a guided tour by a naturalist takes place. The guide will explain the Flora and Fauna of the primary forest and also the importance that these plants have for the indigenous people.

After the walk, you will reach the next platform where you will continue with the adventure. From the moment you go up to the eighth platform, you will not touch the ground again until the end of the route, so you will cross the jungle as if you were a bird.

The guide will take advantage of the possibility on the platforms to explain the curiosities in the environment. On the platform more, you will take a short break to eat some fruits and drink water while enjoying the beautiful view of the landscape.

Before finishing the Canopy, you can choose between Rappel, Tarzan swing or with one last cable to the ground and then, you will return with 2 more long cables to the base. You will go back to the bus that will take you back to the cabins of Monte Sol.

Ticket Price (USD)
General (P/P) 50.00 (USD)
Half Day Canopy Tour includes:

- Professional guide.
- Canopy Equipment.
- Bottled water.
- Fruits.

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