Pacaya Volcano Sanboard Roundtrip

Operated by: Guicho Aventuras
1, Pacaya Volcano Sanboard Roundtrip
2, Pacaya Volcano Sanboard Roundtrip
3, Pacaya Volcano Sanboard Roundtrip
4, Pacaya Volcano Sanboard Roundtrip
5, Pacaya Volcano Sanboard Roundtrip
1, Pacaya Volcano Sanboard Roundtrip
2, Pacaya Volcano Sanboard Roundtrip
3, Pacaya Volcano Sanboard Roundtrip
4, Pacaya Volcano Sanboard Roundtrip
5, Pacaya Volcano Sanboard Roundtrip
35.00 (USD)

This tour is for those who like strong emotions and are adrenaline lovers: gliding over a volcano, are you ready?

  • One hour hike to the spot of the volcano.
  • Slip as many times as you want.
  • Sandboard Equipment is included.


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Confirmation after booking


Confirmation after booking


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Detailed Description

We meet at the point previously agreed upon after your reservation. We leave at 7:00 AM, after the group gets together. We arrive at our destination at 10:00 AM and we prepare to start the ascent to the point of the volcano able to slide.

You will have almost two hours to slip as many times as you want. You can also take advantage to take spectacular photos and appreciate the landscape that can be seen from there.

At 1:00 PM We will have lunch. An hour later we will visit a cave that was formed after the last eruption that this volcano had. Then we start the descent and prepare to go back to the city. We will arrive at the city at approximately 7:30 PM (may vary according to traffic)

Ticket Price (USD)
General (P/P) 35.00 (USD)

6:30 AM

Reunion at the meeting point

7:00 AM


10:30 AM

Start of ascent to the area to slip

11:30 AM

Slide down as many times as you want

1:00 PM


2:00 PM

Visit to cave that was formed in the last eruption

3:00 PM


4:00 PM

Return to the Capital

Pacaya Volcano Sanboard Roundtrip includes:

- Round trip transportation.
- Passenger insurance, in land transport.
- Personal Accident Insurance in Extreme Sports.
- Local guide and by Guicho Adventures.
- SANDBOARD EQUIPMENT (Table, glasses, gloves).
- Tv on board, electricity to charge cell phones (must carry charger).
- You can slip as many times as you want.

- Backpack Median with: 1 Lunch, hydration according to your consumption or at least 1 liters of pure or gaseous water, running food (seeds, chocolates, sweets, raisins, biscuits, tuna, etc.).
- Double pants and shirt or long sleeve sweater, to avoid scrapes.
- Knee pads or elbow pads, if you have them you can wear them.
- Replacement clothing which can be left on the bus.
- Shoes suitable for the climb preferably Mountain boots, or tennis with traction outsole, camera, cap, sun block.

For this excursion to be carried out we need at least 10 people, no refunds due to cancellation of the participant and the collaboration of all complying with the instructions of the guides, not separating from the group, and respecting to the maximum the established schedules.

The refund will only be made when Guicho Aventuras is obliged to cancel the excursion and the refund will be made in the following days.

No refund is made for bad weather, traffic, overflowing rivers, collapsing bridges or demonstrations, which are not under our control.

At the moment of arriving at the Pacaya volcano you will be provided by (Guicho Aventuras) the equipment for SANDBOARD, table, glasses and gloves, which you must upload, download and return them at the same point where you left delivered.

At the moment you deposit for PACAYA SANDBOARD you are accepting the previous policies and you are accepting that it is an extreme sport and pounds of all responsibility to Guicho Aventuras (Luis Ivan Giron) of any fortuitous event that may happen during the ascent and descent to Pacaya Volcano and on the ascent and descent IN THE TABLES OF SANDBOARD, participating in an ascent is a high risk activity, upon signing up you expressly acknowledge that you are physically, medically fit and appropriately trained for the event.

You assume the risk of the ascent, such as falls, injuries, blows, fractures, weather effects, road condition and height, all these risks are known and accepted, you understand that the decision to participate in this event or promotion is only YOURS PERSON, the organization (Guicho Aventuras) has the power and right to withdraw any participant or athlete who does not physically and medically fit at any time of the event.

There is a basic first aid kit in case of emergencies.

It is not allowed to leave any kind of garbage in Acatenango Park, everything you go up must download it, Remember the Mountain does not need anything from You

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