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1, Night Bike Tour
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1, Night Bike Tour
2, Night Bike Tour
3, Night Bike Tour
4, Night Bike Tour
5, Night Bike Tour
24.00 (EUR)

On our evening bike tour we will explore another side of Barcelona, visiting some of Gaudi's houses and the famous magic fountain. To enjoy this bike tour of approximately 3 hours through the beautiful Eixample and other places, guided by our bilingual guide.

  • Experience driving a bike at night in Barcelona.
  • Picturesque landscapes of Eixample.
  • Visit the magic fountain in Eixample.


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Detailed Description

Our bike tour in the afternoon allows you to enjoy another side of Barcelona. In the cool breeze of the afternoon you can contemplate the city and all its lights.

We will visit some of Gaudi's houses, and then we will travel through the beautiful Eixample to the famous Magic Fountain for the incredible show of water, lights and music that lasts approximately 30 minutes.

Enjoying the amazing landscapes of Barcelona at night.

Ticket Price (EUR)
Adult City Bike (16+ years old) (P/P) 24.00 (EUR)
Children City Bike (7-15 years old) (P/P) 21.00 (EUR)
Adult E-Bike (16+ years old) (P/P) 32.00 (EUR)
Children E-Bike (12-15 years old) (P/P) 29.00 (EUR)
Terms and Conditions Download
Night Bike Tour includes:

- Bike (Either City or Electric Bike)
- Experienced Guide
- Helmets and Child Seats available on request

- Drinking water and possibly some snacks
- Approprite clothing for out of summer months
- Camera

- For your safety and the safety of those around you, we kindly insist that all participants know how to ride a bicycle, balancing and pedaling with confidence before partaking in this tour.
- An e-bike is a bit heavier than a normal bicycle and while you may not need to be an avid or highly experienced rider, we suggest that participants are comfortable biking in narrow city traffic. We try to avoid busy streets as much as possible but we do catch glimpses of the city’s traffic going from on site to another.

In the Tour Documents section, you can see the document about cancellation policies.

  1. Do I need to be an experienced cyclist?

    No! Most of our clients know how to ride a bike, though some might not have ridden in a while. As long as you know what you are doing and are competent enough to handle the bike.

  2. Where do the tours start and when should I arrive?

    All of our tours meet at E-bikes Rent on Carrer Cervantes 8, in the Gothic quarter (unless otherwise stated, Map and directions provided with your booking confirmation). Please arrive 10 minutes before your tour is scheduled to begin, and give yourself extra time if your unsure of the location.

  3. Where do we keep our stuff during the activity?

    Please only bring with you what you will be carrying on the tour.

  4. Do we also ride on roads?

    We will stick to the many bike lanes as much as possible. However we will be on some roads, but most we will always take the least busiest.

  5. What should I wear?

    In the summer months (June – September) you can wear typical day wear (shorts, t-shirt etc). In the other months we would suggest bringing a top with you in case you get cold, with possibly a small rucksack to keep it in. We would also recommend wearing decent footwear. Flip-flops are OK, but only if your used to riding with them.

  6. What should I bring?

    Drinking water and possibly some snacks for energy, just in case •Camera •Anything else you would take on a normal day / night out, in case you want to hit a restaurant directly after.

  7. What route will we be doing?

    Your guide will choose a route for your trip based on the group, your preferences and to avoid any congested areas (festivals, traffic, road works etc)

  8. How fast do you ride? Will I be able to keep up? Will I get bored moving too slowly?

    Our pace depends on the group, but we generally take our time. We almost always have plenty of time to get where we’re going, so there’s no need to rush. We’ll keep things moving, but we won’t leave anyone behind.

  9. Will I get wet?

    Only if you stand too close to the Magic Fountain though that’s part of the fun.

  10. Can I just come along for the Flamenco or just the Bike tour?

    Yes of course. If you don’t fancy either one, you can choose this directly when your making the booking. If it’s just the Flamenco you would like, just email us before.

  11. What can I bring on the tour?

    We recommend bringing as little as possible. Whatever you bring with you will have to be carried around by you on the tour. A rucksack is OK.

  12. Who will be taking me on the tour?

    One of our experienced guides will be showing you around. All of our guides have been living and guiding in Barcelona for many years.

  13. Do you have weight limits for the child seats?

    Unfortunately yes. For the city bike the maximum weight is 25Kg and for the E-bike its 20Kg.

  14. Are electric bikes (E-bikes) different from other city bikes?

    They almost look the same. The e-bike has the added help from a small hidden motor that’s in the wheel hub and a battery that’s under the seat. The motor doesn’t do all the work for you, you still need to peddle to get it started.

  15. What are the age restrictions?

    Minimum age for a city bike is 8 years old and for the E-bike is 12 years old. We have no maximum age, if you can ride, then please come and join us.

  16. Where is your office in Barcelona?

    We are an office-less company, that way we keep our overheads low and can pass these savings onto you.

  17. What is your cancellation policy?

    We understand that whilst traveling plans can change and that you may need to cancel your tours. Just give us 48 hours advance notice, and we will offer a full refund on any amount that you have paid (with the exception private group trips, which must be canceled 7 days in advance for a full refund). If you need to cancel within 48 hours of our reservation we generally cannot offer any refund, unless we can fill your spots. It may be possible to reschedule your booking for another day, depending on availability.

  18. When do you cancel tours for weather?

    We usually do not cancel tours due to overcast skies but we do cancel trips for steady rain. Safety and your enjoyment are our priority. If you have reserved a tour, we email you if we are canceling the trip due to weather and give you a choice of either rescheduling (depending on availability) or receiving a full refund. We will do this as soon as we know the tour will be cancelled, however, this can sometimes not be until right before the tour

  19. What brand or style of bikes do you use?

    City Bike 1 gear: Stylish Italian design, light and comfortable, these city bikes are the first option for a wonderful joyride in Barcelona.City Electric Bike: The e-bike is a star. With its battery powered engine it will take you where no other bike can go, saving you lots of energy. And it’s top fun!

  20. Do I need to tip my guide?

    No, only if you want to and feel that it’s deserved. Tips are never expected, but always appreciated.

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