Chocoyero National Reserve Tour

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1, Chocoyero National Reserve Tour
35.00 (USD)

On this tour we will go to the Chocoyero Nature Reserve, which is about 30 minutes from the city of Managua. We will know the place walking, which will make the experience much more fun and real.

  • Admire the beautiful scenery throughout the tour
  • Walk along a path that takes you to beautiful waterfalls
  • Appreciate the diversity of flora and fauna


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Detailed Description

Our tour begins with a trip to the Chocoyero Natural Reserve, it is an ideal place to go hiking and observe nature. This reserve is located less than 30 kilometers from Managua. The last 7 kilometers are mostly unpaved and on the way we can see plantations of pineapple, coffee and banana. This can make it a bit slower but the road does not move us so abruptly and the views are magnificent.

Then, when arriving at the reserve we will see some old volcanic ridges that surround the roads, we also observe the nature everywhere. The nature within the reserve has much to offer. There are several trails that can take you to different types of forests and vegetation. With abundant water, Chocoyero is always green and wildlife flourishes.

We will also know different animals that live in the area, such as, monkeys. There are two types of monkeys that live in the park: howler monkeys and white face. Chocoyero is also home to numerous species of birds. The reserve is famous for its chocoyos, they are green parakeets that nest near a waterfall and can be seen in large quantities in the morning when they leave, and in the afternoon when they return.

Then we will start our trek to the trails in Chocoyero, they have different lengths and difficulties. We will walk along the shortest path that leads to the waterfalls: Chocoyero and El Brujo. The path to El Brujo is steep, but not so much. The Chocoyero waterfall is about 30 minutes from the entrance, and it is not necessary to climb to get there. This is where the chocoyos nest. The waterfalls are small, but worth the hike. The water comes from rain higher up in the mountains, and was used as drinking water in nearby communities.

Note: Kids under 5 year old are free of charge.

Ticket Price (USD)
Adults (P/P) 75.00 (USD)
Child (P/P) 35.00 (USD)
Private Tour (P/P) 85.00 (USD)
Private Tour Child (P/P) 45.00 (USD)
Chocoyero National Reserve Tour includes:

- Transportation
- Spanish/English Guide
- Entrance.

- Long pants
- Comfortable shoes
- Light jacket
- Camera.

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