Managua City Tour

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1, Managua City Tour
2, Managua City Tour
3, Managua City Tour
4, Managua City Tour
5, Managua City Tour
1, Managua City Tour
2, Managua City Tour
3, Managua City Tour
4, Managua City Tour
5, Managua City Tour
49.00 (USD)

This 5 hours guided tour takes you to the most important landmarks of the historic centre of Managua. you will visit the Museum of Natural Hisotry, Footprints of Acahualinca, National Palace and th epopular market f Roberto Huembes.

  • Get to know more about the capital of Nicaragua and its history.
  • Go to the Acahualinca archaeological museum.
  • Visit the residential area of Santo Domingo


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Detailed Description

Enjoy a guided visit to the historic centre, the Loma de Tiscapa, National Palace, which houses an interesting Museum of natural history; the modern business center, the popular market Roberto Huembes.

Then, you will visit the open-air museum and archeological site, Huellas de Acahualinca, (Footprints of Acahualinca) which is located in one of Managua’s humbler barrios, very close to the shores of Lake Managua, or
Lake Xolotlán, as it’s called in the ancient native Náhuatl language. Acahualinca Museum guards an archeological gem: Footprints left more than 6,000 years ago, one of the oldest indications of human presence in Nicaragua.

Finally, you will visit the residential area of Santo Domingo.

Ticket Price (USD)
2 persons minimum (P/P) 79.00 (USD)
4 persons or more (P/P) 49.00 (USD)
Managua City Tour includes:

- All activities mentioned, with respective entrances.
- Transportation in private a/c vehicle from/to Managua.
- Private local bilingual guide for the tour.
- Sales taxes.

Managua City Tour Doesn't Include:

- Tips.
- Other personal expenses.

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