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Mission, Mission
85.00 (NZD)

When you arrive at the waterfront rental base in Wanaka the team will gear you up, so you can begin your route. Before that, the team will share some insights, determine the appropriate route for you and take your contact number in case of emergencies. Then, you can paddle along coastlines and explore Roy’s Bay.

  • Explore Wanaka on your own terms.
  • Armed with a kayak, safety equipment and map.
  • Transport back, so you only need to paddle one way.




4 hours


May vary


May vary





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Detailed Description

The Mission begins when you arrive at our waterfront rental base in Wanaka. The staff will have all your gear ready for you, and they’ll have a chat with you to brief you on the day’s weather and lake conditions, find out what your experience level is, and work with you to determine appropriate route options for your trip.

Then they’ll get some information from you, most importantly a contact phone number they can use to reach you while you are on the water. They will ask for you to call to do a safety check in with our base twice while you are out. They will also help determine your drop-off point and time, where the transport will drop you at the beginning of your journey.

Once you are happy with the details of the trip, you will gear up, have a quick kayak skills lesson or refresher, and get ready to get on the water! You will feel like you have the entire lake to yourself. addling along the coastlines gives you access to some amazing private beaches and swimming areas, and a unique appreciation of the beauty of Lake Wanaka. You can do a quick exploration of Roy’s Bay, as you navigate your way back towards town.

his is the end of the trip, where you will be greeted at the water front by the Paddle Wanaka Crew to share your tales of your journey and return your gear. Relax and enjoy the memories of your time here in Wanaka.

Please note: Depending on weather and lake conditions, the transport may happen at the beginning or end the trip.

Ticket Price (NZD)
General (P/P) 85.00 (NZD)
Tour Map Download

10:00 AM

Daily departure

Mission includes:

- Kayaks.
- Lifejackets (Your Personal Flotation Device PFD – must be worn at all times).
- Paddles.
- Map.
- Small dry bag for cell phone.
- Safety support by a professional guide.

- Sunscreen.
- Weather appropriate clothing and footwear.
- Snacks and water.
– You need to have a cell-phone that works in New Zealand with you in case of emergencies.

Customers may cancel or rebook without penalty up to 24 hours prior to trip departure. Cancellations or no-shows after this time will be charged full price.

  1. Where do we start/finish? Where can we go?

    There are lots of routes available for this trip, which is why the Mission is so exciting! Routes differ depending on the weather and your preferences. Options include exploring the tranquil bays of west coast up to Glendhu Bay, or checking out Stevenson’s Arm peninsula and quiet Dublin Bay on the east coast, but we’ll brief you before you head out with weather updates. You will either start or finish at the lakefront and you’ll have a 4 hours on the water.

  2. What happens if weather changes?

    We’ll always give you a thorough briefing of what to do if the weather changes and what your options will be. You’ll have our phone number and can contact us at any time during your trip if you have any questions or concerns.

  3. What should I bring?

    All you’ll need is active clothing, a mobile phone sunscreen and other sun protection, a water bottle, and maybe your camera. You might also want to bring a snack as there are some awesome places for picnics. We provide all safety equipment and a dry bag for your phone.

  4. Why is this different from a rental?

    This trip is an awesome way to explore deeper into the lake and includes one way transport. We will transport you out to a location where you’ll paddle back to the lakefront or you’ll start at the lakefront and head out into the lake where we’ll pick you up from several locations.

  5. How much experience do I need for this?

    You’ll be paddling on your own (or in your group) so it’s a good idea to be fairly confident on the water, but you don’t need to have had much previous kayaking experience. You can paddle a wee way and picnic for 3 hours, or you can live out your Captain Cook fantasies and explore the vast coastline of Lake Wanaka. How far you go is up to you! All you’ll need to keep us updated while you are on the water.

  6. How many people to book?

    A minimum of 2 people are needed for this trip.

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