Old San Juan Night Walking Tour

Operated by: Legends of Puerto Rico
1, Old San Juan Night Walking Tour
45.00 (USD)

Hear night-time tales of legends and tragic love stories while taking pictures of the four world heritage sites during this guided night walking tour.

  • Visit the sites where Hollywood movies & TV shows filmed.
  • Learn about historical facts inside colonial buildings .
  • Hear the sounds of battles from centuries ago.




2 hours


Plaza Colón statue


Cathedral on Cristo Street


English and Spanish

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Detailed Description

The “Night Tales in Old San Juan” guided walking tour includes visits to a former Spanish soldiers barracks, formal city jail, battle grounds, the sites where Hollywood movies & TV shows filmed. This tour will get you acquainted with Old San Juan's military culture, landscape and defenses.

Our story-telling tour guides have been narrating historical facts inside colonial buildings and at formal battle grounds in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Let the Caribbean nights enchant you. See the colors of a Spanish Colonial city in the Caribbean at night.

Ticket Price (USD)
Adults (P/P) 45.00 (USD)
Children (P/P) 39.00 (USD)

6:00 PM

Tour Departure

8:00 PM

End of the Tour

Old San Juan Night Walking Tour Doesn't Include:

- Transportation.

- Comfortable shoes.
- Bring water.

No refund cancellation policy:
- For no-show.
- Late arrivals.
- Cancellations by client.
- Client decides to leave the tour.
- Client does not show the booking confirmation to our staff.
- Does not find the tour or transportation meeting location because did not follow the instructions provided on the booking confirmation and/or other way of communication.
- Will not accept customers in our tours under the influence of alcohol or ilegal drugs and will not be refunded.

Full refund when we cancel the tour:
- Full refund when a tour is cancel due to low bookings; meaning that the minimum required of reservation is not met.
- The client will also have the option to take the same tour with the same rate at another time and/or date.
- No refund when the client accepts to not be refunded and reschedules the tour on another date and/or time in the same year and confirms by phone or fax or text or in person or e-mail.

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