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paddle tiqy, Lake Escape
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paddle tiqy, Lake Escape
couple tiqy, Lake Escape
paddle tiqy, Lake Escape
paddle tiqy, Lake Escape
paddle tiqy, Lake Escape
139.00 (NZD)

In this 3 hours tour, you will meet your guide at 9:00 AM to start this interesting and fun adventure, through the Escape Lake, where you can enjoy a panoramic tour in the surroundings, then paddle and return appreciating a great view. Then your guide will take you to another place to rest and enjoy a delicious picnic. The starting and ending point can be in Wanaka I-site or in your hotel.

  • Enjoy Paddle in a remote place.
  • Appreciate the view of Mount Aspiring Park.
  • Enjoy a picnic in the middle of the lake.




3 hours


May vary


May Vary



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Detailed Description

Enjoy a tour at Lake Escape, at 9:00 AM you have to meet with your guide, either on the Wanaka I-site or directly at the door of your hotel. Once with your guide you will go to there, you will go to the lake, to start this adventure.

When you get to the boardwalk, your guide will prepare you and give you instructions on the basics while you are at the Roy's Bay refuge. Then, depending on the conditions of the lake, your guide will ask you to make a short tour of the marina to be picked up by the water taxi or to immediately start your trip in SUP (stand up paddle).

If you take the water taxi first, you will enjoy a sweet panoramic ride. They will leave you in a place outside the city to begin your journey back to Wanaka on paddle. If you start from the promenade, you can paddle out of town, looking up Mount Aspiring Park all the time. You will be picked up at the end of your adventure for a water taxi ride back to Wanaka. On the way back, your guide will give you useful tips and tricks to improve the way you do SUP, and share some knowledge about the history and environment that shaped Lake Wanaka.

In the middle of you row and you travel by water taxi, you will also stop at a picturesque place, where you will have the opportunity to have a picnic with light drinks and brownies. Then you will finish your tour in the city, which means that it is a short trip back to the same point where you were picked up, where you will bid farewell to your guide.

Ticket Price (NZD)
Adults (P/P) 179.00 (NZD)
Children (Under 12 years old) 149.00 (NZD)
Lake Escape includes:

- Stand Up Paddle boarding.
- Light refreshments.
- Wetsuit (if needed).
- All safety equipment.
- Water taxi transport.
- Pickup from the Wanaka I-site or your Wanaka accommodation.

- Sunscreen.
- Swimwear, thermals if needed.

Customers may cancel or rebook without penalty up to 24 hours prior to trip departure. Cancellations or no-shows after this time will be charged full price.

  1. What should I wear?

    You will want to wear swimwear or something that you don’t mind getting wet. Jeans or anything cotton is not great. If it is cold we will give you a wetsuit and splash jacket to wear over your swimwear.

  2. What equipment is provided?

    We will provide stand up paddle boards, paddles, leashes, and lifejackets, plus wetsuits and thermal layers if it is cold out. Your guide will have all the appropriate safety equipment for the trip.

  3. How long am I paddling for?

    You will be paddling for a total of 1.5 2 hours. You will have a break for a drink and a snack along the way to keep up your energy. There will be some transportation and instructional time at the beginning of your trip as well.

  4. Do I need previous experience?

    The Lake Escape is a perfect trip for beginners or more experienced stand up paddle boarders! Your guide will spend the time you need to get you feeling comfortable on the board. If you have some experience already, your guide will find a longer or more challenging route for you to try out!

  5. Do I need to be able to swim?

    You do not need to be able to swim, but please let your guide know so that they can make sure you are comfortable on the water.

  6. Will I get wet?

    It is very likely you will get wet, and possible that you will fall in while paddle boarding, which is all part of the fun!

  7. Where do we go?

    The weather/wind will play a big part in dictating exactly where your tour will go, but the plan is to try and go with the wind. This means either starting in town and ending further away (bring picked up by a water-taxi at the end), or taking the water-taxi out at the beginning and then paddling back into town.

  8. Can we have a private tour?

    Yes! Please contact us by phone or email for prices or to book a private tour.

  9. What sorts of weather does the trip operate in?

    This trip operates rain or shine! If it is windy we know some great spots on the lake we can still happily paddle around in.

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