Kingston Highlight

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1, Kingston Highlight
45.00 (USD)

During this tour I will take you to know the best points of Kingston with a personalized attention and description of each place

  • See the view from the highest point of Kingston.
  • Enjoy panoramic view of the city.
  • Stop at the Bob Marley Museum.


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Detailed Description

This tour starts with a scenic drive up to the highest point of Kingston for a panoramic view of the entire city. Stopping by the Bob Marley museum and Port Royal city which was once the richest city in the world is a + for this tour.

"It is a scenic ride through the mountains.. I will generally take my guests to see most of the historical spots in the city then to Bob Marley museum the tour at the museum lasts 1:20 min. After that we go up to the highest look out point to view the city from above.

Admission at museum is $25 per person.

Ticket Price (USD)
4 persons min (Per person) 45.00 (USD)
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