Bike Tour Livingston

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1, Bike Tour Livingston
5.00 (USD)

The security is our main interest. We cross in its majority appropriate footpaths for bicycles, knowing therefore the colorful streets and tourist sites our beautiful town Livingston.

  • Tour designed for all ages.
  • Make new friends while you make this fun tour to know the surroundings.
  • We cross paths safe so you can fully know Livingston.


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Detailed Description

It is a guided tourism totally different, because this designed for all the ages, as much for foreigners as for residents. They are without a doubt the most interesting form and entertainment to know our town, learning its history and making new friends, because when becoming in bicycle it allows you to be in direct bonding with the surroundings.

It takes a minimum of 8 people to complete this tour. If you want a private tour the price rises 20% on the regular price.

(Bike Tour $ 5.00 Rent Bike $ 3.00)

Ticket Price (USD)
BIke Tour (P/P) 5.00 (USD)
Bike Rental (P/P) 3.00 (USD)
Bike Tour Livingston includes:

- Roundtrip transportation to port.
- Tour guide.
- Entrance.

Bike Tour Livingston Doesn't Include:

- Food.
- Drinks.

- Camera
- Hiking shoes.
- Suntan lotion and hat.

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