Full Day Iguana Island Tour

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1, Full Day Iguana Island Tour
59.00 (USD)

The tour will start from the Albrook Mall, you will depart by bus on Saturday night to arrive on Sunday at dawn to Pedasi. You will arrive at Isla Iguana on Sunday morning where you will be able to enjoy its crsitalinas waters and waves of the sea. You will have the option to take a snorkeling tour and admire beautiful fish and a small walking tour around the island. The tour will end at the same starting point in Panama City.

  • Ground and water transport round trip included.
  • We will do snorkeling.
  • Maybe we can feed iguanas.


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Full Day


Albrook Mall


Albrook Mall


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Detailed Description

Departing from the Albrook Mall, in the parking lots in front of the dinosaur hall at 11:45 PM, you will take a trip along the Pan-American Highway until arriving at Pedasí at 5:30 AM the following day.

Then, you will depart by boat at 7:30 AM from Playa Arenal to Isla Iguana. Once we arrive, our guide will give us a tour of the island and we can observe the iguanas that live there and maybe we can feed them.

On the island, you can also do an entertaining snorkelling tour. You can admire beautiful fish and coral. You will have enough time to hang out on the island and have lunch until it's time to leave at 3:30 PM and the arrival time in Panama City will be at 10:30 PM at Albrook Mall.

To separate the quota you must pay $ 30.00 USD and you must cancel in full 10 days before the event, the payments are by bank transfer:

- Banco General N 04-72-99-252289-8
- Cuenta Ahorros.
- In the name of Eduardo Sánchez GEOECOTUR

Once the payment is made, the invoice will be sent to your email and a copy to your WhatsApp.

You can also pay with PayPal and Credit Card, for more information write an email to info@geoecotur.com.

Ticket Price (USD)
General (P/P) 59.00 (USD)

Saturday - 11:45 PM

Departure from Albrook Mall.

Sunday - 5:30 AM

Arrival to Pedasí, Los Santos.

Sunday - 7:30 AM

Departure from Arenal Beach to Iguana Island.

Sunday - 8:00 AM

Arrival to Iguana Island.

Sunday - 3:30 PM

Departure from Iguana Island to Arenal Beach to Panama City.

Sunday - 10:30 PM

Arrival to Albrook Mall.

Full Day Iguana Island Tour includes:

- Round trip transportation from Panama to Pedasí, and by boat to and from Los Santos.
- Entrance to the Island.
- Guide.
- Snorkel tour.
- Snorkel equipment.
- Photos under the water.

Full Day Iguana Island Tour Doesn't Include:

- Lunch.

- Insect repellent.
- Sunscreen.
- Swimsuit.
- Light towel.
- Personal identification documents.
- Money.
- Photo camera.
- Flip flops.
- Sheets and Pillow for the trip on the bus.
- Items for personal use.
- Plastic bags to protect your items that are not approved of water.
- Hat or cap.
- Coat.
- Clothes that are easy to dry.
- Personal medications.
- Water (2 litres per person).
- Snack.

Cancellation of registrations for payment events must be made by the person registered by email addressed to info@geoecotur.com

Cancellations 30 calendar days prior to the course will be reimbursed 100% of the registration fee, except for the management expenses that may be incurred.

Cancellations with less than 15 calendar days in advance will not give the right to any refund.

The returns will be made within 15 working days after the end of the course, by electronic transfer in the name of the person who made it.

  1. Can we have lunch at the Island?

    The lunch menu will be given a week before so you can choose between the options we give you. If you do not want lunch you can take your own food and if you have a special diet you can also ask to know what we can prepared for you. Examples of the food: whole fried fish, rice, green salad, ripe banana.

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