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1, Discover Altun Ha
75.00 (USD)

This is a tour that takes you to know the ruins of Altun Ha. Perfect if you want a short trip to a Mayan site.

  • Short day at a Mayan site
  • Altun Ha is rich in wild life
  • It's possible that you will see crocodiles


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4 hours


Belize City


Belize City


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Detailed Description

If you’re looking to have a short day at a Mayan site Altun Ha is where you should go. The tour itself takes about four hours starting from Belize City also en route of the Phillip Goldson Highway formally known as the Northern Highway, Therefore taking a relief road known as the Old Northern Highway in order to get to Altun Ha.

The area around Altun Ha is rich in wild life and over 200 species of birds that has been recorded and there are crocodiles inhabits the Maya water reservoir.

Altun Ha is a major ceremonial and vital trade center during the classic period, has 2 principal plazas. The most significant find in Altun Ha is the ‘’Jade Head’’, which represent the Maya Sun God, Kinich Ahua; it’s the largest object carved of Jade in the Maya civilization.

Ticket Price (USD)
General P/P 75.00 (USD)

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