Cologne Brewery Tour

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Tasting of Kölsch - tiqy, Cologne Brewery Tour
21.50 (EUR)

Learn all about the Cologne brewing tradition and enjoy tasting 3 Kölsch beers with this 2-hour walking tour. Visit 3 to 4 local factories where you can learn interesting facts about the Kölsch and its relationship with champagne and tequila. You will start at Kreuzblume and you can choose to finish at the Dom Cathedral or at any brewery of your choice.

  • Visit 3 to 4 breweries.
  • Taste 3 Kölsch beers.
  • Learn the history of the brewing tradition.


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2 hours




Cathedral Dom or a Brewery you prefer


English, Spanish and German

Detailed Description

Leaving Kreuzblume you can visit 3 to 4 beer factories where you will also taste the famous local beer Kölsch and at the same time you will learn some interesting facts such as the relationship of this drink with champagne and tequila, why there are confessionals in each brewery and the influence of the pilgrims in the beer culture of the city.

During this 2-hour walking tour, you can also receive some recommendations for other activities after the tour and find out which are the best breweries to enjoy a Kölsch. The tour will end at the Dom Cathedral or at any brewery of your choice.

Ticket Price (EUR)
General (P/P) 21.50 (EUR)
Cologne Brewery Tour includes:

- Guide.
- 3 Kölsch.

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