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Zaragusta City of Spirits, City of Spirits
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In this walking tour of aproximately 1 and a half hour we will meet at the Tourism Offices in the Plaza del Pilar at 7:00 PM where we will know The City of Spirits, it is a route that reviews the footprint left by illustrious people in our city. At the end, we will return to our starting point.

  • Dare to explore the creepy side of Zaragoza.
  • Meet legends and secrets that happened years ago.
  • Discover Zaragoza as you had never imagined.


Every Thursday


1.5 hours


Tourism Offices, Plaza del Pilar


Tourism Offices, Plaza del Pilar


English and Spanish

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Detailed Description

In this tour, full of many mysteries and legends, we will depart from the tourism offices located in the Plaza del Pilar at 7:00 PM. Next, we will visit the Plaza del Pilar to remember the martyrs of the city on its façade, then we will go through the square to get to the Lonja and talk about Goya's tomb and its bizarre history, because the famous painter from Fuendetodos had a relationship of love and hate with the city that saw him take his first steps as a painter. Very close to here, we will talk about the Caballito de la Lonja, this hides a very special story that accompanied the figure of a photographer for more than 50 years, we want to give life to the spirit of this special corner.

Then, it's time to talk about one of the most versatile figures in the city, the stop is the Bacarach bar and we associate it with Sergio Algorra, musician, writer and poet among other activities. We will remember your spirit with a little music.

The next stop is the house of a Nobel Prize winner who lived in Zaragoza, it is Santiago Ramón y Cajal. Very close to here we will enter the area of the tube where the Iberian Cabaret shines, El Plata, and we want to pay tribute to Bigas Luna and his relationship with the city.

The tours end at different points, but always in the central area and easy to return, at the end, the guide team will give them the necessary instructions to return to their hotels, apart from some recommendations of the places they can not miss. during his stay in Zaragoza.

Ticket Price (EUR)
General (P/P) 7.00 (EUR)
City of Spirits includes:

- Guide.

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