Belize Cave Tubing Tour

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1, Belize Cave Tubing Tour
2, Belize Cave Tubing Tour
3, Belize Cave Tubing Tour
4, Belize Cave Tubing Tour
5, Belize Cave Tubing Tour
1, Belize Cave Tubing Tour
2, Belize Cave Tubing Tour
3, Belize Cave Tubing Tour
4, Belize Cave Tubing Tour
5, Belize Cave Tubing Tour
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This adventure in caves lasts 4 hours. Start when you leave the terminal and you will see an easy guide with a sign with your name on it. The place we are headed to is 1 hour away from the city of Belize. When we have it, we prepare with the whole team. Then a 30 minute walk through the rainforest. When we get to the caves, your guide will sail down and you will relax because the guide will do all the work. At the end we will take you to the terminal.

  • Quick city tour of Belize City.
  • Hike through our pristine rainforest.
  • Personalize Belize cave tubing adventure.


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4 hours


Terminal One


Terminal One


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Detailed Description

Your unforgettable personalize cave tubing adventure takes 4 hours, during which you can see the city of Belize as well as the natural part as the flora and fauna of the tropical forest.

The adventure starts as you exit terminal one, where you will spot your friendly guide with a sign bearing your name. He will be smiling, and he will be encharge of giving to you Interesting facts about Belize City which by the way is one the oldest city in our country.

The spot where we going to is located 1 hour from Belize City, you will travel in an air conditioned shuttle. As we exit Belize City and make our way to the Village of Caves Branch you will have the opportunity to see Belize's gorgeous country side rich in lush forest and rural life!

When we arrive at the historical Caves Branch Archaeological Park you will get geared up with tube, light and life vest; all you will need for your belize cave tubing adventure.

Then we will have a 30 minute hike through our pristine rainforest which is an adventure all on its own, first eye view of native trees cashew, guava and cohune, pineapple plants and a few medicinal trees as they sway their branches and leaves in the cool breeze inviting you deeper into the forest.

Then we have made it to the mouth of the caves, clear water, a beyond belief cave structure and even more breathtaking than the pictures! The Mayan's used these cave systems as part of their elaborate religious rituals. They called these caves XIBALBA which in modern language translate to "HELL". These cave systems boasts beautiful stalactites, stalagmites and stunning crystal pillars.

As your experienced guide executes a flawless maneuver of linking and securing the tubes you get to sit back, relax and enjoy your cave tubing tour adventure. As the adventure gently gets underway your guide will navigate down the refreshing cave branch river through the mystical cave of Xibalba as the Mayan did centuries ago only this is cooler cave tubing!

On this cave tubing adventure your guide will ensure that you get to see all the spectacular areas of the caves unlike the bigger groups who are bustling by and they never get to see the awesome acts of nature buried deep within these caves. This is a refreshing and personalize Belize cave tubing adventure perfect for family, groups or friends.

On the return leg of your trip to the departure terminal you will be telling us great stories of your cave tubing adventure after being wonderfully entertained.

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General (P/P) 50.00 (USD)
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