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1, Cave Tubing Fun Tour
2, Cave Tubing Fun Tour
3, Cave Tubing Fun Tour
4, Cave Tubing Fun Tour
5, Cave Tubing Fun Tour
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1, Cave Tubing Fun Tour
2, Cave Tubing Fun Tour
3, Cave Tubing Fun Tour
4, Cave Tubing Fun Tour
5, Cave Tubing Fun Tour
50.00 (USD)

During this tour we will travel about 37 miles outside the capital to find an aquatic adventure that relaxes and amuses you at the same time. We also exercise our legs because we are going to walk for 45 minutes. In fact it is the popular activity of the area; Cave tubing tour!

  • Tourism activity available only in this country
  • Nature walk through the jungle
  • Learn about history and geology of the caves


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5 hours


Belize City


Belize City


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Detailed Description

One of the most popular activities in our beautiful jewel Belize is Cave-tubing which is done at the Nohoch Che’en archeological Reserve also known as Caves Branch, which lies on Cayo District.

Cave-tubing has become a major tourism activity available only in this country. This unique and mysterious series of 7.5 miles of caves starts near the Hummingbird Highway, south of the City of Belmopan also the Capital of Belize. To get to the site we drive 37 miles on the George Price Highway formally known as the Western Highway.

As we ride along you’ll witness the changes in the Eco Systems, from swampy low line areas to plain land savanna and finally into a tropical broadleaf rainforest. Once at the 37th mile we take a relief road of 6 miles ‘’bumpy of course’’ beyond a small farming village of Frank’s Eddy.

When at the site your guide will tell you what to do and what not do at all times. Changing/shower rooms and restrooms facilities are available for you use, make sure to change into your swim gears for your activity including Water shoes (alter rain) ‘’NO FLIP FLOPS ALLOWED’’, bathing suits or clothing that you wouldn’t mind getting wet.

Keep in mind that Belize is a tropical country so make sure to bring sun block, bug spray or mosquito repellent and medication that you require if needed before leaving the park. When all is prepared your guide will take you to get your equipments which consist of a head light, life preserver and a tube. Tube size and color will depend on the water level since June to November is our raining season.

After a few guidelines you are ready for the adventure. The hike itself consists of a 30 to 45 minutes nature walk through the jungle which your guide shares about certain things of the Flora and Fauna until you get to the entrance of the cave system. Thereafter your guide gets you on your tube all attach to each other groups for the cave-tubing part. Also we share the history and geology of the caves which is known as XIBALBA. Upon exiting the cave not all fun is done. And additional section of open river- tubing will be done finally ending where you first started. Then short walk back to parking lot.

Ticket Price (USD)
2-4 persons (price p/p) 85.00 (USD)
5-8 persons (price p/p) 65.00 (USD)
9 or more persons (price p/p) 50.00 (USD)

All deposits will be refunded in full if notice of cancellation is received no later than 30 days prior to arrival. Cancellations between 29 days and 15 days of arrival will be given a 50% refund. There will be NO refund for cancellation within 14 days prior to arrival.

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We accept full liability for the proper performance and obligation under our agreement for the provision of your package. If any member of your party suffer damage under our failure we accept liability. We shall offer general assistance to any client who suffers illness and personal injury during their tour with Belize Paradise Tours. But we will not be liable for the cost incurred from the above mentioned. We highly recommend that you have a Comprehensive Travel Insurance.

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