Beyond the Market

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Beyond the Market, Beyond the Market
Food Tour, Beyond the Market
Ottawa, Beyond the Market
Group Picture, Beyond the Market
Market Food Tour, Beyond the Market
Beyond the Market, Beyond the Market
Food Tour, Beyond the Market
Ottawa, Beyond the Market
Group Picture, Beyond the Market
Market Food Tour, Beyond the Market
85.00 (CAD)

The city’s best food walking tour of 3 hour takes you to at least 6 of your local guide’s favorite eateries and watering holes you will meet him at Restaurant Los Planes. From artisanal charcuteries to thirst quenching craft beers, discover the surrounding areas of Jean Talon, the largest food market in Montreal. Strolling through the adjacent areas you will gain a better understanding of why diversity is synonymous with Montreal.

  • Food and drink tastings in Montreal.
  • Trip to the Jean Talon Market.
  • Learn about coffee and its evolution.


April to November


3 Hours


Restaurant Los Planes


Downtown Montreal



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Detailed Description

This 3 hour market walking tour will show you how Montreal has held a reputation as a city that loves to eat. First meet your guide at Restaurant Los Planes, start with a trip to the Jean Talon Market, together with the guide you will sample some tasty regional delicacies and meet the producers who take pride in the quality and distinction of their harvest.

After this visit the Vietnamese neighbor to the Italians and further east the Latinos share the streets with the Maghrebis, here sit down for a full flavored tasting at the city’s favorite Salvadoran place to eat. The “Mile Ex” district is a peculiar part of town here young entrepreneurs are reshaping our culinary scene. You will savor the newest craft brews and learn about the progressive coffee renaissance one sip at a time. Wrap up your day sharing comfort food with your new friends as you leave to the doorstep of Little Italy.

At the end of the tour the guide will give you a cheat sheet that will tell you where to find the best poutine or which microbreweries, eat spots, so you can discover by yourself.

Ticket Price (CAD)
General (P/P) 85.00 (CAD)
Beyond the Market includes:

- All food and drink tastings
- Customized map and list of our personal recommendations for the remainder of your stay in Montreal.

- Comfortable attire (check the weather section).
- A reusable water bottle (we don’t believe in handing out plastic bottles and there will be available refills along the way).

Only cancellations made before 14 days prior to your tour departure will be refunded.

We will have to hold on to 7% of the total amount due to credit card processing fees we would otherwise absorb.

  1. Is this tour family friendly?

    Yes, we will be visiting a fantastic brewpub along the way, but the little ones can enjoy home made sodas. The drinking age in Quebec is 18.

  2. What about weather?

    The tour goes on, rain or shine. Most of our tastings are indoors, however we do walk from location to location touring the neighborhoods, so an umbrella wouldn’t hurt if it’s raining. Montreal summers can get very hot and humid.

  3. Should we eat before this tour?

    Of course, but bear in mind that we will be snacking throughout the tour with a tasting at all six locations. Generally, everyone is pleasantly plump by the end. We will also have a list of recommendations to continue your culinary discoveries of Montreal.

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