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Operated by: Barrio Bird Walking Tours

For our inquisitive and curious clients, this is an entertaining and informative introductory tour of the best things to do in San Jose with more than 40 stops.

  • You will know the capital of Costa Rica in a unique way
  • We take you to the best places in town, we guarantee that
  • You must come forward to meet and walk to enjoy the tour


Every day


2 hours


San Jose


San Jose


English and Spanish

Detailed Description

This tour will wind through the walkways and parks of downtown San Jose, Costa Rica. We will see the best places to visit in San Jose, including our favorite, secret spots.

We are a team of guides committed to downtown culture and revitalization, and we will share our insider knowledge with you. We love to share food recommendations, entertainment suggestions and introduce you to the local business and community leaders we meet along the way.

We'll discuss current issues affecting the daily lives of Costa Ricans and Costa Rica on a global scale. Using a mix of current events, historic photography and sites, we will give you an educated impression of the country that goes beyond a typical tourist experience.

Along the way we might run into protests, concerts, public art demonstrations, religious ceremonies or old friends!

Tour Tickets (may vary by date)

Ticket Price (USD)
Adults 29.00 (USD)
Children (6-12 years) 10.00 (USD)
Students (must show ID) 20.00 (USD)


- Bathroom stops and resting as needed


- Comfortable walking shoes, no heels.

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