4-Hour Bird Watching Tour

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Bird, 4-Hour Bird Watching Tour
Monkey, 4-Hour Bird Watching Tour
Tucan, 4-Hour Bird Watching Tour
Guide, 4-Hour Bird Watching Tour
Birb, 4-Hour Bird Watching Tour
4-Hour Bird Watching Tour Previous Image 4-Hour Bird Watching Tour Next Image
Bird, 4-Hour Bird Watching Tour
Monkey, 4-Hour Bird Watching Tour
Tucan, 4-Hour Bird Watching Tour
Guide, 4-Hour Bird Watching Tour
Birb, 4-Hour Bird Watching Tour
75.00 (USD)

In this 4-hour tour you can enjoy many species of birds and take pictures of them. During the tour, a specialized guide will be given information about the ecosystem and the wild birds. The tour starts and ends at the meeting point you agree with the operator.

  • Enjoy watching exotic birds.
  • Observe the landscapes that surround you.
  • Learn about the ecological importance of the place.


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4 Hours


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Detailed Description

This 4-hour tour starts at 5:30 AM when you will be picked up at the meeting point that you agree with the operator, then you will be driven through the rural areas of Costa Rica, away from the usual tourist routes in order to reach a popular place for bird watching.

Then Manuel's Tours will provide you with a high-range lens with which you can also take pictures of the birds you see. During this tour, the guide will provide you with important information about the nature that surrounds you, as well as information about the birds you will see. At the end of this tour you will return to the pick-up point.

Ticket Price (USD)
General (P/P) 75.00 (USD)
4-Hour Bird Watching Tour includes:

- High definition viewing scope.
- Field guide.
- List for tracking species.
- Traditional Costa Rican snacks.
- Bottle of water.

- Must bring binoculars.
- Dress in muted colors (brown, green, etc.)
- Wear tennis shoes or hiking boots.
- Camera or cell phone.

  1. What is the maximum number of people that can go on your tours?

    My goal is to provide personal and high-quality service in any of my tours, the group sizes are always small (6-8 people max). I only do one tour in the morning and one in the afternoon, that way I don’t have to rush in between tours.

  2. Is the transportation one-way to the national park or round trip, and if I decide to stay in the park after your tour how can I get back to my hotel?

    We offer private round-trip transportation from any local hotels, rental villas, AirBnB, or private homes. If your idea is to stay at the park for longer time on your own, we can always set up a pick-up time and a meeting point to bring you back to your place.

  3. What kind of food am I allowed to bring to the national park?

    Since April 2016, Manuel Antonio National park started regulating the types of snacks and food tourist bring to the park area. You can always bring fresh fruit (pre-cut), sandwiches, granola or protein bars, non-alcoholic beverages, water and cookies for your little ones. You are not allowed to bring any type of alcohol, tobacco, any type of potato or corn chips, nuts of any kind, chocolates, etc.

  4. I am traveling by car, is there parking available by the park entrance?

    Manuel Antonio National Park doesn’t have an official parking area, all parking lots outside the main gates are privately owned and managed. The prices are around $6 per car all day long and very safe. There is parking at our meeting point. You can find out more about our meeting point by checking out our contact us page.

  5. Does your company have insurance?

    Yes, all our activities and transportation are fully insured. I will be happy to send you a copy if you or your group would like to have it.

  6. What should I wear for the tour?

    Remember that humidity and temperatures are always very high in the tropical rainforest, so wear light breathable clothes. Don’t forget to pack rain coats and ponchos if visiting during rainy season (May until late December). Comfortable hiking or tennis shoes are recommended and swimming suits and towels if you’re thinking of laying or relaxing at the beach. There are places to change your clothes and showers to rinse off after swimming near the park beach.

  7. What about people of older age or physical limitations, can they do your tours?

    I totally understand that you want your loved ones to enjoy and have fun while vacationing in beautiful Costa Rica. By law Manuel Antonio National Park lets us drive any kind of vehicle all the way to the main park beach (Playa Manuel Antonio). If you contact me in advance, I am more than happy to organize transportation and ask permission with the park rangers.

  8. Do you offer large groups or students discounts?

    I have a lot of respect for those who contact me in advance to discuss details of the tours and discounts. Don’t be afraid to ask for special discount if you are traveling with a large party of people (weddings, students, volunteers or social workers).

  9. What about if it’s raining at the starting time of our tour?

    It’s called the rainforest for a reason. If is light or mild rain I will continue and develop the activity. If conditions are not safe to walk and explore, I will reschedule the meeting or starting point when available or cancel the activity with a full refund. Remember always safety first.

  10. How bad are the mosquitoes and other insects at the park?

    You are visiting the rainforest, of course there are many bugs. Thanks to nature because many other animals eat mosquitoes and bugs too. Don’t forget to pack bug spray and don’t worry about it, they like me too.

  11. Are you able to cater for dietary requirements on your tours where food is provided?

    Yes of course. Please let us know your specific requirements in advance so we can prepare accordingly.

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