2 Hours of Canopy in Arenal

Operated by: Canoa Aventura
Canopy, 2 Hours of Canopy in Arenal
55.00 (USD)

This 2-hour tour consists of a trip to the Arenal Volcano where you can launch from 13 Canopy platforms while you admire nature. In addition to walking on a path that will take you to hot springs. This tour includes transportation to and from your hotel in La Fortuna.

  • Enjoy the hot springs.
  • Observe the nature at the foot of the Volcano.
  • Go for the 12 Canopy cables.


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2 Hours


Your Hotel in La Fortuna


Your Hotel in La Fortuna


English and Spanish

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Detailed Description

This is a 2-hour tour that starts when you are picked up at your hotel in La Fortuna or meeting point that you have agreed with the operator, and from there they will take you by car or bus to the area where the platforms are located.

This route consists of 12 cables and 13 platforms that cover 2.8 kilometers, the cables range from 50 to 500 meters and during your time here you can observe nature closely. To continue with the tour, you will walk along a cobbled path until you reach a place with, Jacuzzis Hot springs, water slides and freshwater pools where you can relax until it is time to return. At the end of the tour you will return to your hotel or meeting point, in the transport to the operator.

Ticket Price (USD)
General (P/P) 55.00 (USD)
2 Hours of Canopy in Arenal includes:

- Transportation.
- Bilingual guide.
- Equipment.
- Hot Springs.
- Crocodile farm.
- Butterfly garden.

- Insect repellent.
- Binoculars.
- Camera.
- Sunscreen.
- Closed shoes.
- Preferable sneakers.
- Swimming suit.
- Lightly.
- Comfortable clothes.

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