Taboga Island Tours in Panama: Frequently Asked Questions

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If you are thinking about reserving or you have already reserved a Tour to Taboga Island in Panama, you might have some questions. At we have made a list of the most frequently asked questions so that you can get the answers you need.

Taboga Island Tours in Panama: Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pay the full amount on for my tour to Taboga Island?

This depends on the tour that you choose. Some tours allow you to pay the full amount online, and others you pay a deposit online and the full amount on the day of the tour.

Can I pay the balance of my tour with card to the Tour Operator?

The tour operators for Taboga Island do not have the facility to process credit cards, so you need to bring cash to pay the balance of your tour.

Do the tours to Taboga Island include pickup at my hotel?

Unfortunately, the tours and ferrys to Taboga on do not include pickup at your hotel. You need to make your own way to Amador, which is where the port is where you need to embark the boat.

What types of tours can you do to Taboga Island in Panama?

There are full day tours to Taboga Island that include boat transfer, a historic walking tour on the island and time on the beach with lunch and snacks included. There are other tours in catamaran that include the time on the catamaran, lunch, open bar, music, entertainment, as well as floaters to enjoy in the water, and chairs for the beach.

On Taboga Island are credit cards accepted?

There are just a few restaurants that accept card. We recommend you to bring cash. There is an ATM on the Island that you can use, but it can be out of service sometimes.

Is there telephone service on the Island?

Yes, there is, and with data signal too, but sometimes the connection can be weak. 

Are there public bathrooms on Taboga Island?

Yes there are, with showers too. There is a cost to use the bathroom, normally around 1.50 USD and this allows you to use the bathroom all day, and comes with toilet paper.

What should I bring on my Tour to Taboga Island?

We recommend you to bring a towel, sun block, a change of clothes to come back in at the end of the day, some snacks and lunch (if you don’t buy a tour that comes with lunch). Don’t forget to bring cash too.

Are there discounts for retired people or disabled people?

Unfortunately, the operators to Taboga Island, do not currently offer such discounts.

How long is the boat ride from Amador to Taboga Island?

This depends on the tour and the boat that the operator uses, but normally around 30 minutes.

Do children pay the full price for the Tours to Taboga Island?

Generally, for the tours to Isla Taboga there are discounted prices for Children. The price will depend on the tour, so we recommend you review the different tours on Tiqy to see which has the best price.

Do the guides on the tours to Taboga Island speak English?

Yes, the operators that have tours to Taboga Island, normally have an English Speaking guide on staff.


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