Panama Canal Tours: Frequently Asked Questions

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If you are thinking about reserving or you have already reserved a Panama Canal Tour, you might have some questions. At we have made a list of the most frequently asked questions so that you can book your canal tour.

Panama Canal Tours: Frequently Asked Questions

Which tours visit the Panama Canal?

There are different types of tours that visit the Panama Canal. Normally the Panama City Tours bring you to the Miraflores Visitor Centre, and form there you can see the ships transiting the Canal. You can also do a transit tour, where you get to cruise the canal on a boat.

Are there discounts for senior citizens?

Unfortunately, the operators of the tours of the Panama Canal do not offer senior citizen discounts.

What is included with the entrance to the Miraflores Visitor Centres?

The entrance to the Panama Canal Miraflores Visitor Center includes access to its 4 exhibition rooms, which are dedicated to explaining the history of the Panama Canal. It also includes access to the observation balcony and souvenirs store. 

Generally, the entrance to the visitor centre is not included in the price of the tour.

How much does the entrance to the Panama Canal Miraflores Visitor Center cost?

Adult (Nationals and Residents of Panama): 5 USD.
Adult (Foreigner): 20 USD.
Children (Nationals and Residents of Panama) (from 6 to 12 years): 2.50 USD.
Children (Foreigner) (6 to 12 years): 12 USD.
Children from 6 years or less: free.

What types of boat transits are there of the Panama Canal?

There are 2 types of Panama Canal Boat Tours: Partial Transit Tour, and Full Transit Tour. The Full transit is only available Northbound, and the Partial Transit is only available Southbound.

What is the difference between a Panama Canal Partial Transit and a Full Transit?

A full transit is when you sail the full length of the canal from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean. A Partial transit is where you sail half the length of the canal. The duration of a Partial Transit is therefore much less than a full transit.

Do the Panama Canal Tours include hotel pickup and drop off?

The Panama Canal Tours normally do include pickup and drop off at your hotel in Panama City. Some operators have a specific list of hotels, so you should check that before booking. Some operators also only include pickup for foreigners and not residents. 

Nearly all the city tours that include a visit to the Panama Canal Visitor Center include hotel pickup and drop off. 

Are the boats that do the cruise through the Panama Canal airconditioned?

The operators have different boats, but in general they all have an airconditioned indoor and roofed section to the boat.

Do the Panama Canal Tours include pickup in Playa Bonita?

The cruise tours do not include in pickup in Playa Bonita. Some city tours that include a visit to the Canal Visitor Centre can pickup you up at Playa Bonita for an additional fee, normally around 20 USD per group of 4. We recommend you take a taxi or uber to a hotel lobby in Panama City and start your tour from there.


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