Speed Boat from Colombia to Panama

Operated by: San Blas Frontera
Speed Boat from Colombia to Panama, Speed Boat from Colombia to Panama

Explore and cross the famous Darien gap as you go from Panama to Colombia or from Colombia to Panama. Choose your departure from Carti or Sapzurro and travel on a speedboat the border between Panama and Colombia along all 365 San Blas Islands. You will sleep in paradisiac islands and enjoy the indigenous culture on this 3 days/2 nights tour.

  • 3 days through the San Blas Islands.
  • Cross the infamous Darien gap.
  • Unusual way of crossing the border between Panama & Colombia.


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3 days/2 nights






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Detailed Description

Starting in Sapzurro, Colombia, you will travel on a speedboat to Carti on a 3 days adventure. You will stop and sleep in more than 5 islands, visit a Kuna village and eat fresh fish and seafood. The tour will end in the Carti Port in San Blas.

These routes are not for the average tourist. It will get rough and it might put you out of your comfort zone, but it will be worth every minute.

Ticket Price (USD)
Dorm Room (P/P) 275.00 (USD)
Private Room (P/P) 315.00 (USD)
Speed Boat from Colombia to Panama includes:

- Boat ride, Colombia to Panama: from Sapzurro (Colombia) to Carti (San Blas).
- Visits to different islands incl. entrance fees to those islands.
- 3 meals/day (starting with lunch on first and ending with lunch on last day); if available lobster, octopus, fish, cambombia, fresh fruit and coconut.
- Accommodation in traditional Kuna cabins.
- Migration fees in Puerto Obaldia.
- Kuna guide knowledgeable about our culture and history.

Speed Boat from Colombia to Panama Doesn't Include:

- Beverages, snacks, water.
- Overland transport between Panama City & Carti, San Blas.
- Entrance fee to the Comarca Kuna Yala & dock usage fee ($22.00 USD for foreigners, $7.00 USD for nationals) – obligatory for every visitor, to be paid upon entering the Comarca.

- There is no public transport between Panama City and San Blas. Therefore, to start and end the trip you will need overland transport to respectively from Panama City. We can arrange the transport for you free of charge with independent, licensed drivers:
- Car ride from Panama City to Carti, San Blas: $25.00 USD (necessary for trip “Panama to Colombia)
- Car ride from Carti, San Blas to Panama City: $25.00 USD (necessary for trip “Colombia to Panama”)

  1. On which days do the boats leave?

    Our trips from Colombia to Panama currently starts every Friday morning, arriving in Panama City on Sunday evening.

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