Amazing San Blas Tours in Panama


Whether you are looking for beatiful beaches, crystal waters, sailing on a catemaran, eating lobster or snorkelling around a ship wreck, you will find what you are a looking with in one of many amazing san blas tours.

Amazing San Blas Tours in Panama

Things to do in San Blas

There are many things to do in all of the San Blas tours in Panama, depending on the tour that you choose.

  • Relax on one Island all day and enjoy the sun and waters
  • Visit one of the many natural swimming pools (it is like walking on water)
  • Go snorkelling around a sunken ship
  • Setup a camp and spend a night on Cayos Holandeses

Here you can see a list of the most amazing tours and trips to san blas.

Tours and Trips To San Blas

There are many options to choose from when researching San Blas tours and trips to San Blas. You can choose to go by plane or by car or by boat, and whether you go from Colombia or from Panama, and of course how long are you going to stay and what are the things to do in San Blas.

The most common trips to San Blas are by car, which includes a hotel pickup in Panama City, and a trip to San Blas of 2.5 hours. The cars must be 4x4 vehicles, and must licenced to bring tourist to San blas. You will pass an immigration point on the way to san blas where your passports will be inspected before being allowed to enter. There is also a 20 USD fee for foreigners at this point.

Normally, the tours and trips to the islands range from a duration of 1 day to 4 days. There are also tours and trips to the islands that are much longer, but they are not so common. Panama the country of tours, has a lot to offer, and its easy access to San Blas makes it a real popular starting point for your trip to san blas.

How to Explore the Islands

All San Blas tours in Panama come with a guide that will have access to small boat (called lancha in spanish), and the majority of the tours and trips to the Islands come with a visit to 3 or 4 islands. One of these islands are normally the natural swimming pool, which is really just an island below the water. Here you can go snorkelling and see starfish, just be careful to not swim to far or you will find yourself in the middle of the ocean without being able to stand. 

There are also catamaran boats, that can bring you from Island to Island, and they always have organised things to do in San Blas, such as bbqs, water games, snorkelling, night time music, and daytime sails. 

If you want to have a different Adventure in San Blas you could go stay on an Island with a family and they could bring you to different islands while doing their daily tasks.

Sometimes on Isla Perro and Isla Diablo, there are adventures and activities being held by the locals or with other groups.

Adventures and Activities


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